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Nowadays, being a student is laborious work. Professors get more and more demanding, the amount of homework is growing, and the time for sleeping always vanishes in the blink of an eye. Comparing all their duties, most students say that it is writing that is the biggest pain in the neck. Students choose to buy essays online because they face difficulty writing them by themselves. They lack time to do it and need professional assistance. They look for a reliable academic writing service that provides papers online to avoid carrying out research by themselves and save their precious time. is one of the services that they can trust.

We are a leading company in the field of academic paper writing help. Our team of professional writers and editors delivers superior papers and takes responsibility for their quality. We meet deadlines, follow requirements to the letter, and work 24/7 to help all students in need. Our company exists for our clients’ success, and we live up to this purpose by helping hundreds of students daily. Become our customer today and get a writing expert who can make your goals come true.


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What Writing an Academic Paper Is All About

Academic writing is a tool that professors use to check how well a certain student knows and understands a particular subject. They are supposed to express their opinion on the topic or research it so that the professor can be sure that the time the student spent studying their subject was not wasted. Academic writing is very different from creative writing, which we see in books, or personal writing in text messages to friends. Academic writing is governed by loads of rules. Here are some of them:

  • Writing style and tone. In academic papers, one cannot use contractions or slang. One should use full sentences and formal vocabulary only. The use of first-person pronouns is forbidden, and the passive voice is strongly discouraged.
  • Organization. There are various types of academic papers, and each of them has a standard structure that a student has to follow. There are rules for how to organize a paragraph and how to arrange them within a larger section too.
  • Arguments and evidence. All academic papers should have a core argument that is expressed in a thesis statement. Then, a student has to develop it using reliable and up-to-date evidence from scholarly sources.
  • Formatting. Besides formulating informed ideas and using correct factual data that the student is required to collect, they should format the paper in accordance with one of the citation styles, e.g., APA, MLA, or Chicago. Students need to know not only how to write academic papers but also how to format them.
  • Objectivity. Unless specifically asked for, a student should not evaluate things or express their own opinion. Academic writing is about objective, evidence-based, and impersonal statements.

Rules, rules, and rules! Hardly anyone but professors, scholars, and professional academic writers know them all. This is why many students use an alternative approach to writing academic papers. Instead of learning about how to write a research paper and how to format it properly, they order custom writing from online academic paper writing companies. And then the company is responsible for the entire research process.

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Why Students Often Need Academic Paper Writing Help

Have you ever wondered what makes students use academic writing services? Is it the lack of time? Lack of skills? Tasks that are too challenging? In fact, it is all of the above. Here are the reasons why students come for help to us:

  • Growing workload

Students buy custom academic research papers online because they are overloaded with the amount of academic writing to do and deadlines that must be met by the end of each semester. Teachers and professors have very high expectations, while students have very little time to finish their writing assignments. In order to complete all the assignments, students need professional help from writing experts.

  • Lack of specific writing experience

Studying at college or university, students gain some writing experience and develop their own skills. But they might be required to create a paper that they have never dealt with before, e.g., a dissertation or research proposal. Being in the unknown waters pushes them to get academic paper writing assistance.

  • Lacking English skills

Academic curriculum and criteria are typically the same for students who are native English speakers and ESL students. Yet, the academic paper writing process is largely different for these groups. Even if ESL students have good topics for research papers, it does not automatically mean that they are going to succeed in writing.

  • No talent or skill in writing

Writing is not for everybody, yet the overall performance of a student strongly depends on this specific skill. Students have no choice but to meet irrelevant academic criteria to get a degree. They might have excellent knowledge in a given discipline but are obliged to buy academic paper writing.

The world is changing rapidly; meanwhile, the academic curriculum does not always manage to follow it. This is why students make use of an academic writing service and buy custom papers online. In this way, they save their time to spend it on more pleasant and important things or deal with the obvious shortcomings that modern education has.

The Place to Get a Top-Quality Academic Writing Service

If for whatever reason, you also need help with writing an academic paper, you can get it at When students buy academic writing here, they get assistance from our competent and experienced writing experts, who help them achieve academic success. Our writers are some of the best ones in the industry. They know literally everything about term papers, research papers, custom essays, dissertations, and loads of other academic papers. They are committed to their work and seek to satisfy and exceed your greatest expectations. With us, you can count on getting a high-quality paper that meets all your requirements. We guarantee appropriate academic style, grammar, punctuation, proper paper format, and compliance with all your requests.

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Here Is What You Should Know About Our Academic Writers

You might wonder, “Who will even write my paper for me?” You hope that it is not some rando who happens to speak English but rather a competent and qualified person. In the end, your performance and reputation are in their hands! Well, with, you have nothing to worry about.

  • Our writers are degree holders and native speakers.

All our writers are native speakers from the US and the UK and are degree holders, i.e., master’s or Ph.D. in a specific field of study. We match orders and writers depending on their qualifications, so we reassure you that the information in your paper will be accurate.

  • Our writers are experienced in academic writing.

We guarantee that only the best and most highly qualified writing experts will complete your research paper, dissertation, thesis, or any other academic paper of your choice. They know academic standards and have years of hands-on experience in helping students with their assignments.

  • Our academic writers are tested and trained.

At, the hiring process is quite a challenge. There are a few stages to go through, a few tests to pass, and many hours of training to complete. Believe us when we say that only the most devoted and professional writers manage to complete it successfully.

  • Our academic writers offer more than writing.

We offer writing companionship. An expert assigned to your order always remains available to talk to you directly via messages and answer your questions. Also, you can choose to work with one writer for all your orders and have long-term cooperation with them.

How Magic Happens or How We Manage to Create Superior Papers

If you are about to place your first order, you might want to know what happens after we receive your message like “Write my paper for me.” We are happy to invite you behind the scenes. Here is how our academic writers work:


An expert studies your requirements, asks you for clarifications if needed, and researches the topic. They find up-to-date and reliable scholarly sources, collect data, and get ready for writing.

Outline and drafting

Based on the gathered information, the expert creates an outline of the paper. Next, they write the piece according to the required structure and rely on the evidence from the sources.


Once the piece is ready, the writer makes sure it meets all the rules of formatting. They check all in-text citations, references, and other aspect as per selected formatting style (APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, etc.).

Plagiarism check

After the writer is done with the paper, the piece gets checked for plagiarism to be sure that we deliver a completely original piece to you.

In the end, as our customer you receive the essay writing service of top quality. The writers of take every measure to deliver a paper that meets your expectations.

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Types of Academic Writing Help We Provide

We work with a wide range of papers and disciplines to be able to help as many students in need as possible. Our writers specialize in:

  1. All types of essays (persuasive, expository, analytical, etc.)
  2. Research papers, thesis writing, dissertations.
  3. Term papers, coursework, capstone projects.
  4. Book, article, and movie reports and reviews.
  5. Speeches and presentations.
  6. Literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, and research proposals.
  7. Business plans and proposals.
  8. Online tests and exams and many more.

We also cover more than 50 subjects including Business and Finance, Healthcare and Nursing, History, Law, Sociology, Psychology, Natural sciences, Political sciences, and Art among others. At, you can make use of a paper writing service regardless of your topic and its complexity.

Admission Paper Writing Service

Apart from academic papers for classes, you can buy admission essay writing at Our experts help students impress admission committees by crafting excellent scholarship essays, cover letters, motivation letters, etc. It allows for increasing the chances of getting into the school of your choice and decreases anxiety regarding the process.

5 Good Reasons to Choose Our Academic Writing Service

Sure enough, there are numerous websites that offer an essay writing service. And you might wonder why choose us. There are at least five reasons why:

  • Affordable rates

The price that other companies charge is often too high and hardly worth the result. Having used such an academic writing service once, students feel like they face a huge risk when they purchase a research paper writing service or dissertation help. On the contrary, proudly provides first-class academic papers at an affordable price.

  • Competent staff

Our writers and editors know how to provide excellent essay writing service to every client. They have written and edited hundreds of thousands of pages over the years of working with us. Their vast and diverse experience allows satisfy even the most demanding professors.

  • High quality or money back

Our team follows requirements that customers provide and meets all the relevant academic standards that apply to the chosen paper writing service. If we have failed to write a piece according to your guidelines, you will receive your money back according to our refund policy.

  • 24/7 support works around the clock to help you even if your deadline is approaching fast. You can place an order online by filling in a form or by contacting our support managers at any moment. Be it day or night, we will answer your questions and provide the necessary help.

  • An individual approach

We create each paper from scratch specifically for you. We calculate the price individually too, and it depends on your needs, i.e., deadline, paper type, academic level, paper length, etc. You tell us what you need, and make it happen!


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The Guarantees of Quality Academic Writing Services

Besides general advantages, we provide our customers with quality guarantees. If you choose to use our academic writing service, you receive:


Complete Originality guarantees that all content that our experts create is absolutely original. They write papers from scratch, do not use samples or templates, and cite all sources properly. More so, every paper gets scanned with a plagiarism search tool, which produces an authenticity report.


On-Time Delivery

At, we deliver all papers within deadlines no matter how complex assignments are or how much time we have. We understand that late deliveries could lead to lower grades for our clients, so we simply do not work with writers who miss deadlines.


Revision at No Cost

If you think that some parts of your paper need revising, just inform us. You are entitled to a free revision that you can request within 2 days (1-19 pages) or 30 days (20+ pages) after the order delivery. Revision guidelines should not contradict the initial ones.


Fully Confidential Academic Writing Service

We take care of all the personal data of our customers. It is never shared with third parties. For online transactions, we use security protocols to prevent stealing passwords, credit card details, or any other personal data. You can be sure that no one will ever get to know that you have made an order here.

How to Order Academic Papers


Place an order, provide detailed instructions, and make a payment


Our trained writer is working on your paper


We check your paper for plagiarism


Download your paper


How to Get Our Academic Writing Help

If you are ready to make use of our professional academic writing, you need to place an order:

  1. Fill in the order form on our website, specifying all the information concerning your paper, e.g., a topic, subject, deadline, etc. What is more, you can upload files that could help a writer.
  2. Make a payment for the chosen paper writing service. We verify the payment and assign an expert with matching competencies to work on your piece.
  3. Communicate with the writer if you want to in your account on our website. You can track your order’s progress there too.
  4. The paper is checked for plagiarism. You may order a PDF plagiarism report to see the results of this scan. It is an additional VIP service.
  5. Download the document as soon as the deadline ends. Enjoy the result and come back for more professional help.

Essay service by is rated 5/5 based on 227 customer reviews.

Want your voice to count in? Send us your review with all the details.

The Best Academic Writing Service Online for You could easily become your academic partner that will provide you with professional help with important scholarly works. We realize that students value their time, and that is why we will not be wasting it. If you buy a custom essay, research paper writing service, term paper writing service, or any other academic help from our company, we guarantee that you will receive a piece that meets requirements, is delivered on time, and has no mistakes. You can always rely on us!


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