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  • +I cannot place an order. When submitting it, the page does not update. What to do?

    The problem can be caused by additional materials attached to the order form. The files of too big size cannot be attached this way.

    Try to submit the form without files. The files can be sent to our Support Agents and then attached to the order and forwarded to the assigned writer.

  • +How can I change information in my order form (number of pages, formatting style, academic level, deadline, etc.)?

    Unfortunately, our customers cannot edit the order form themselves once it has been submitted. Still, it can be done with our help. You can contact our Support representatives and indicate the changes to be made.

    Remember, in this case, the order price will be recalculated in accordance with the new requirements.

  • +What shall I do if I want to increase the number of pages in my order?

    You cannot adjust the number of pages in the order form on the initial order. To add pages, you will have to place an additional order in "My orders" section in your profile.

    Our Support agents can help you to do this.

  • +How do I know that the order is being processed by a writer?

    To check whether one of our writers took the order, you should check the line: "Writer" in the order details. Once the writer has taken the order, his/her ID will be displayed there.

  • +Is it possible to get a draft of my future paper?

    Yes. It is possible to order a draft, which is an additionally paid option. If you order our draft service, you will get it when 50% of the selected deadline is passed.

  • +What to do if I need my paper revised? Is it a free option?

    You can ask for a free revision within a period of time specified by our revision policy (during the first 48 hours after deadline expiration for orders below 20 pages and 30 days for orders longer than 20 pages).

    After the order is delivered to you, access your account, go to the "Completed orders" section and choose the "Revision request" option.

    To get the paper revised properly, you have to provide clear revision instructions and set a new deadline.

  • +Is it possible to update/change my contact details (phone number/e-mail) and password?

    To change any of this information, you need to go to your “Profile” page and make changes there. For that, you will have to click the "Edit Profile" button and after changes are applied, save them.

  • +How long do I have to wait before the writer starts working on my order?

    Normally, we try to assign a writer as soon as the order is placed. It can be done within a few minutes or hours.

    However, it may last longer depending on different factors, such as order complexity, availability of writers, urgency, etc.

  • +What should I do if I need revision but my free revision period has already expired?

    To get revision done, you should place a new order. The type of order to choose in such case is "Revision".

  • +Can I communicate with the writer?

    We give our customers a possibility of communicating with the writer directly. However, it can only be done by using our internal messaging system. If your request is urgent, you can ask our Live Chat Support agents to assist.

  • +Where to download my paper once the deadline has expired?

    To download your paper, you should use your profile. Go to the "Orders" section and choose the "Files" tab.

    Note that after the order is sent to you, you will get a notification on your e-mail with the direct link to your paper.

  • +Can you help with coding and programming?

    Unfortunately, we provide only writing assignments of any type. Such tasks as coding, development of applications or programming are not provided by our writers.

  • +How do you send notifications?

    Notifications regarding changes and activities in your account are sent to your e-mail automatically. Besides, the other means of contacting our customers include phone calls, SMS notification, and messages in our internal system.

  • +How to check whether my order is assigned or not?

    In order to check the status of your order, you should access your account.

    The "Payment Verification" status means there is a problem and the payment was not done. You should click the "Pay now" button to fix the problem or send us a payment receipt to prove that transaction was successful.

    The "Processing" status means your order was taken by the writer.

    The "Sent/Completed" status means your order is ready and you can download it from your account.

  • +When do I get my paper?

    Order delivery is performed in accordance with the deadline set during the order placement. If you indicate that the order needs to be delivered in 3 days, it means that the writer will have 3 days for order completion after its placement and verification.

  • +I cannot submit my order form. What shall I do?

    If the system does not want to accept your order form, please recheck whether all fields are properly filled. If they are filled but the problem does not disappear, please remove all the materials you attached into the order and try again. In case everything works this time, you can ask our Support Team members to upload the materials for you.

  • +Where do I look for the completed paper?

    After the work is done and deadline expired, your paper will be available in your account on our website. Go to the "Processing/Completed" orders section and look for your paper in the "Files" section.

  • +What to do if I face problems with payment?

    Considering the fact that we do not process payments directly, we would recommend to do one of the following:

    - Try to repeat payment using other credit card.

    - Try using some other payment method.

    - Try to use other device for making payment (e.g., computer instead of phone).

    - Try to change the browser.

    If none of these helps, you can contact our Support Team for assistance.

  • +Can I get my paper earlier if the writer completes it prior to the deadline expiration?

    All papers are delivered according to the set deadlines. Deadline is one of the components that influences the order price and the salary of writers and editors. For this reason, you cannot receive the paper earlier for free. Nevertheless, if you need to get your paper earlier, you can place a compensation order and the deadline will be changed.

  • +Can you send the completed paper to my e-mail?

    The completed files are not sent to the e-mails of our customers. They become visible in your account on our website after the deadline is over. Still, you receive an e-mail with a link that leads to where you can download your paper.

  • +Will I get the preferred writer’s service for free if I place an order of the supreme writing level?

    Unfortunately, supreme writing does not guarantee that your preferred writer will work on the paper. Nevertheless, the supreme writing level means that your order will be completed by one of the 30 best writers working for our company. In addition, you will get a free plagiarism report. If you still want to choose both options for your order (the preferred writer and supreme writing services), you will have to choose them during the process of the order placement.

  • +Do I really have to share my personal phone number during registration even if I do not want to?

    You are free not to indicate your real phone number in the system. Still, you should remember that it is only required to ensure improved communication with the customers in case when need arises.

  • +How can I be sure that my privacy is protected and my personal data are not shared?

    If you work with us, you may not worry about your personal data. We have developed a strict Privacy Policy that prevents us from sharing any personal information that is provided by our customers.

  • +Can I ask for more than one free revision during the free revision period?

    Yes. You can ask for as many revisions as you need during the specified period of time.

  • +How do I know that my paper was not plagiarized?

    According to our policy, we provide only original content free from plagiarism. Each paper we write is checked by special plagiarism checkers to ensure its authenticity.

  • +Who writes papers on your website?

    We hire only the most experienced writers to work on orders placed by our customers. Besides, we assign papers in accordance with the expertise of each separate writer to make sure that only writers experienced in a specific field work on particular orders.

  • +How can I be sure that my paper is really edited and proofread as you state?

    We try to make sure each order is proofread and edited. However, if you want to be sure for 100%, we offer your VIP package, which entails proofreading to be done by editors. Choose this option and the price will be added to the total order price. VIP orders are obligatory checked by editors.

  • +As the deadline approaches, how can I be sure that the writer is working on my order to deliver it on time?

    There are different options how to check the status of your order. First, you can check it manually by entering your account on our website. The "New" status means we are still looking for the writer to work on your paper. The "Processing" status means that the writer has already taken your order. The "Sent" status means your order is completed.

    The second option is to contact your writer in a message system and ask about the progress.

    The third option is to order the VIP service, which entails SMS notifications every time the status of your order changes. This option is the best, as we will follow the order progress instead of you.

  • +While placing the order, I have made a mistake in the "deadline" field. I need the paper earlier. What should I do?

    It is possible to change the deadline. However, it is a paid option, as you will have to compensate urgency to cover the writer’s work. For example, if you have indicated 5 days but need your paper in 1 day, the difference of 4 days will have to be compensated. Our agents will check the price that needs to be paid and will provide you with a payment link.

  • +Is it possible to work with the writer who did my previous work? I got a high grade for the previous paper and want him/her to complete some of my other assignments.

    Yes, it is possible. The writer’s ID is indicated in the previous order he/she did for you. You should copy it and insert in the “Preferred Writer” field during the process of placing another order. After the order is placed, the writer will be assigned to work on your assignment. Please note that this option costs 15% of the total order price. The money will be given to the writer for his/her work and will ensure the order will be of high priority.

  • +What is the scope of your responsibility?

    We are responsible for delivering papers to our customers within the set deadline. We assign a writer to your paper and provide round-the-clock support to our clients. Besides, we are responsible for providing a plagiarism report and editing the final projects.

  • +Do you work with complex orders or just with essays?

    We deliver papers of different complexity and writing levels. You can order either High school essaysor PhD dissertations. If you consider your paper too complex, you can send us the instructions to check whether we have the writer who can cope with your assignment.

  • +Why do I have problems with paying for my order?

    It is possible that you will receive a notification that the payment failed. In this case, you can try to check your browser/credit card/device/payment processing company. If it does not help, you should contact your bank directly.

  • +I cannot place my order because the order form stays gray every time I click the "Proceed" button. What to do?

    Most likely, the size of the attachment to your order form is too big. Please remove all the materials attached to your order and try again. In case it does not help, contact our Live Chat agents for assistance.

  • +I have made payment but I am asked to pay again. What is going on?

    If something like this occurs, you should check your e-mail for a payment receipt and send it to us. If it is missing, check your bank statement. If you see that the payment was made, you should send the screenshot of the bank statement to us so we could track your payment. If neither of these two proofs are present, it means that your payment was not made. You should try to change your payment card, web browser, processing company or device you use and try again.

  • +I am not sure you can do my assignment so I do not want to place an order at first place. Can you check the instructions and inform whether you are capable of competing it?

    Yes! We give our customers such an opportunity. You can send your instructions and one of our managers in the Writing Department will check whether we can complete your order.

  • +Can I avoid providing my actual phone number and e-mail?

    We encourage our customers to provide real contact details to make sure they can be easily contacted any time clarifications are required. Still, you are not obliged to indicate these data.

  • +I was granted a refund for my order. How long do I have to wait for it?

    Usually, it takes 3 to 5 business days to get your money back. However, it may also depend on the schedule of your bank.

  • +Can I communicate with the writer directly?

    There are two options on how you can do it. First, you can use our internal messaging system to send a message to the writer. Second, you can contact us with your request and we will contact the writer.

  • +How do I get my final paper?

    To download your paper, you will have to access your account and do the following:

    Choose "My orders", go to "Completed orders", choose the ID of your paper and you will find it in the "Files" section.

    If you do not see your paper there, contact us immediately.

  • +When will the final paper be delivered?

    The paper you ordered will be delivered in accordance with the deadline indicated during the order placement. You can find the exact time by accessing your profile and checking the "Delivery" subsection in the "My Orders" section.

  • +If I need a book for my order completion but it is not in free access, can your writer buy it?

    No. It is a responsibility of a customer to provide all necessary materials for order completion that are not available online.

  • +I try to order my paper but the system does not allow me. What is the problem?

    The most common reason for it is too big size of the attachments. If you encounter a problem like this, you should contact our support team or live chat for assistance.

  • +I was asked to pay for an additional page, how do I do it?

    You should do it in a form of placing an additional order to the current one. Click the "Additional Order" button next to the current order and you will be redirected to the payment page. Even though you will make a separate payment, the orders will be connected in the system.

  • +How can I reduce the deadline if I indicated the wrong timeframe?

    You can do it by placing a compensation for paper urgency. Our support team specialists will inform you on the amount you will have to pay. After the payment is made, the deadline will be changed.

  • +I did not find the order type I need in your system. What should I do?

    If you encounter a situation like this, you should send us a part of your instructions to check. After that, we will suggest the type of assignment you should choose in the system.

  • +Do you guarantee that my paper will be plagiarism free?

    The main aim of our company is to deliver papers of high quality written by professionals. We make sure the papers we deliver are written from scratch. In addition, each paper ordered from us is checked for plagiarism using plagiarism detection software. After the order is completed, the paper is additionally checked by PlagirismSearch. You should be informed that we do not use Turnitin for checking our papers for plagiarism, as this program does not allow checking the paper twice and thus, you will not be able to check the paper later.

  • +Do you guarantee confidentiality?

    Privacy is an important aspect of our work. It means we make sure personal data of our clients is protected. No one will ever find out that you worked with us, unless you want to share this information with someone else.

  • +Do you guarantee on time deliveryof the final papers?

    Yes. Timely delivery is one of our main priorities. Please note we adhere to the deadlines indicated by our customers in the process of order placement. For this reason, please indicate the correct deadline to avoid any misunderstandings.

  • +Is it possible to negotiate the price of the order?

    The prices indicated on our website cannot be negotiated. However, there are numerous possibilities to get discounts or special offers from our Live Chat agents. You should contact them and find out more about our special offers. Consequently, after applying your promo code or using the discount, the cost of order will decrease.

  • +How do I contact the writer if I have additional information?

    In order to contact the writer to provide him/her with additional details or clarifications regarding the order, you should use our messaging system. If immediate clarification is needed, you can contact our Support or Live Chat agents asking to assist.

  • +I cannot proceed with ordering the paper because the order form freezes. Each time I click the submit button, it does not go through. What does it mean?

    This problem is most likely connected with the files you are trying attach to the order. In this case, remove all the attachments and place an order without additional files. Once you have managed to place an order, you should contact our Support team members and send the files to them. They will attach them to the order.

  • +I want you to complete my online test that will last for one hour. However, I cannot set such deadline in the system. Can you help me with it?

    We can complete such tests only in case we have an available and competent writer. To check whether we can help, you should contact our Customer Support representative and explain the issue. They will do their best to help you.

  • +Can you explain the possibility to get bonus credits instead of money in case of a refund and how to use these credits?

    If you want to get credits instead of money in case of a refund, you should notify either our Customer Support agents (use LiveChat or phone) or our Financial Department (e-mail: about it. Credits will be available at your account after refund is approved. Next time, when ordering from us, you will be offered a possibility to use your credits as a mean of paying for your paper.

  • +When do I get my paper when I place an order on your website?

    In the process of placing your order, you have to indicate the exact time when you want to get your paper. Your paper will be delivered within the set deadline.

  • +How do I know what type of assignment to choose from the list of available the paper types?

    If you have problems with identifying the type of the paper you need, you can ask our agents to help you. Contact them via Live Chat or e-mail and send your paper instructions. We will check the requirements and will help you to place an order.

  • +How can you guarantee delivering papers of high quality? Will I get high grades if I order from you?

    Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a specific grade, as it is very difficult because of a number of obvious reasons. Still, we guarantee high quality of writing done in accordance with the modern standards. We offer assistance of professional writers holding different academic degrees. Order from us and we will do everything possible to meet your expectations.

  • +What if I need my order earlier than I indicated in the order form?

    According to our company policy, we cannot send you a paper before the set deadline for free.

    We can change the deadline only if compensation for urgency is placed. If you need to get your paper earlier, you should contact our Live Chat or Customer Support agents without hesitation and they will guide you on what to do in such case.

  • +Who will write my paper?

    One of our qualified writers will work on your paper. All of them are experts in academic writing and different fields of study.

  • +Can I somehow make sure you are capable of completing my paper prior to placing the order?

    You can do it by contacting our Live Chat agents and providing us with the instructions on your order. We will check them and inform you about the results.

  • +How do I calculate the price of my order?

    In order to find out the price of your order, you can either check the "Prices" section on our website or ask our Customer support agents for assistance.

    Please note the final price of your order will depend on many factors, such as the order deadline, its length, writing level, complexity, etc.

  • +How do I receive my paper?

    The completed paper will be available in your personal account after the deadline expiration. An e-mail notification will be sent to you with a link to the paper.

  • +I have already written a part of my paper. Can you do the rest?

    We can help you with that. If you need such sort of services, you will have to contact our Customer Support team with this request and they will help you to place an order.

  • +What are you working hours?

    We work 24/7 for your convenience. You can contact us any time at day or night.

  • +Can you complete an urgent assignment?

    Our writing experience helps us to complete orders of different complexity level and urgency. However, we work with realistic deadlines depending on the paper complexity. We recommend you to consult our Customer Support representatives prior to placing such orders.

  • +Can you assign the writer to have worked on my previous order to complete my current assignment?

    Yes, we can do it. Each writer has a personal ID number. If you want a specific writer to complete your order, you should indicate this ID number in the order form while ordering your paper.

  • +Can you do my online test?

    Yes, we can complete this task. It is done the following way:

    To get the test done, you should choose the "Online test" as the paper type.

    You have to upload all materials needed for test completion (textbooks, lectures, etc.).

    Provide clear and true information on time, date, duration and time zone of your test.

    Provide correct log in details to the platform where the test will be performed.

  • +What if I need some parts of my paper to be corrected?

    If you need some corrections to be made and they are not new instructions, you can ask for a free revision. Free revision time depends on the order length. For short papers – e.g., less than 20 pages in length - it is 48 hours after deadline expiration and 30 days for orders that are more than 20 pages in length. Still, if you want to make some new changes in the paper, you will have to pay compensation for additional work.

  • +Can I be sure that my grades will be high when I order from you?

    We do not guarantee that you grades will be high, as grading will depend not on us but your professor. Still, we guarantee high quality of work performance.

  • +What if I already have a paper but I want to ensure it is original, can you assist with that?

    Sure! You can pay for the "Plagiarism check" VIP option which ensures that your papers can be checked for plagiarism by reliable software for free within a year.

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