Before investigating how to write a dissertation conclusion, you need to identify its purpose. Regardless of what subject you are studying and the topic you are working on, you need to follow a specific structure of dissertation conclusion writing. When you write a dissertation conclusion, think of what idea your reader would like to get about the paper, what knowledge he/ she would like to get after reading your chapter, etc. Your dissertation conclusion should contain the following:

  • a general synopsis of the contributions your dissertation has made in the subject area or the research field. When you are writing a dissertation conclusion, make it clear to your target audience what the significance of your paper is;
  • a concise summary of the dissertation chapters. If you wonder how to write a dissertation conclusion, be sure that you provide an overview of the basic aspects studied in the body chapters. Not every reader will be interested to read all of the paper sections, so you need to outline the key findings in the conclusion;
  • a list of recommendations. You need to put forward at least some recommendations how to improve further studies. As such, you have to focus on the practical implications of the research. Thus, you will demonstrate that the research has a practical value personally for you as a researcher, your readers, and the committee;
  • referral to the future studies. No matter how thorough your research is, there will always be some questions at the end of the study. However, it is not an indication that your research is poorly conducted or incomplete. Even when it comes to PhD dissertations, there will always be some open-ended questions left. It actually signifies about the endless interest that researchers may have in the topic. More so, the presence of the questions will motivate further research of a specific discipline.

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