Educators often use multiple choice questions (MCQs) as versatile school and college assignments. Consequently, they tend to be popular with instructors. By contrast, however, students can find these questions as a method of testing quite problematic.

What Are Multiple Choice Questions?

The answer can be found in the name itself, which is fairly self-explanatory. The fact is that these questions are sets of questions that are developed with a number of answer options. The student’s task is to select one or more of the options that best answer the question.

Although this kind of questions is more commonly used for testing students within a classroom environment, they can also be used as assignments and in a variety of projects.

The exact number of answer options provided for multiple choice tasks can vary. Some tutors and/or professors tend to include trick answers that all seem alike. Here, the test-taker will need to use their best analytical powers to drill down to the one correct answer.

Generally speaking, multiple choice queries can be used for STEM subjects (e.g. engineering, information technology, science, and so on) and in fields related to the liberal arts. Occasionally, a question will be presented by itself. In many other cases, the test-taker will be required to study a text before arriving at the section containing the questions with multiple choices. The questions in the test are then likely to relate to the text the test-taker has just read.

Problems Students Encounter with Multiple Choice Questions

When answering multiple choice questions, the test-taker needs to fully understand their course materials and be able to draw on the knowledge they have acquired. Since these questions are often quite tricky, they also require the test-taker to have good analytical powers. Hence, questions need to be read carefully to be properly understood. 

In most multiple choice projects, concerns over time are also very common. Because students are not required to write essays or short paragraphs, they are usually allowed smaller amounts of time to complete these questions. However, very often the time allowed is inadequate.

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It is possible that some course instructors will offer a couple of pointers or at least some general guidance at the start of an exam or test. In other cases, though, students are left to figure the process out for themselves. The very format of a test like this can in itself make everything more of a challenge than is absolutely necessary. Even the slightest ambiguity in a question requires the student to spend extra time trying to understand and answer it.

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