If you want to write an effective essay, it all starts with developing a good essay outline. Essay outlines provide a concise guide from which to build a paper around. In particular, it ensures that you are not diving into the paper writing blindly. It follows the same structure as your paper, but only consists of key phrases and summarized bullet points that you will then expand upon when you go about writing the paper.

The Importance of the Topic Idea and Thesis Statement

Before you can go about writing a good essay outline, the first step is to select a timely and relevant topic. This gives the paper a purpose whether it is to inform the reader about an important issue or persuade them to agree with your argument or position. The thesis statement is the foundation of the paper, and you must be able to tie everything contained in the paper back to it. As you come up with your initial thesis, keep in mind that it does not have to be set in stone. As you start doing the research, you might find that the newly-acquired information requires you to modify your position or change it entirely.

Do not Underestimate the Importance of a Good Outline

After students receiving their essay assignment, there is a tendency to want to jump right into it. But students who have received comments from their professors such as “Lacks structure” or “This argument is not relevant to your thesis” understand what a mistake it is to ignore this step of the writing process. An outline ensures that you never veer off track once you write the paper. If you are not sure how to write an essay outline, consider these following suggestions

Persuasive and argumentative essays as well as research papers benefit greatly from an outline because the important research and research is easily retrieved and then expanded upon once you reach the writing phase. You should start with the heading “Introduction” and then briefly summarize this section of the paper, along with the thesis. Next, you can either use the general heading “Body Paragraphs” or something more specific to your paper topic. Either way, each subheading will contain a main argument and under each argument you will list key details.

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Of course, outlines are not reserved for research papers either. When critiquing or reviewing a work of fiction, the outline can be used to connect the key plot details and character motivations. If you are required to do some additional research in order to retrieve background information about the author and even contemporary societal context, it should be included in the outline as well.

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