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Every person studying an International Baccalaureate Diploma Program has to complete an IB extended essay since it is an integral part of the program. A rather considerable piece of work, it requires utmost dedication and spending several sleepless nights with the textbooks. As a culmination of the studying process, writing such an essay requires not only a significant amount of time but also applying the specific skills and knowledge attained throughout the whole course. Instead of struggling with this challenging task, the smart students choose another option and use an IB extended essay writing service provided by a reliable company. Indeed, there are many substantial advantages of this decision as the cooperation with a professional team of IB extended essay writers saves time and efforts.

Choosing our exclusive IB essay writing service, you get access to specialized expertise that can help you create a brilliant paper which adheres to all IB standards and criteria. We offer an exceptional collaborative process where all your inputs and ideas are heard and valued, ensuring an individualized touch that will enhance the uniqueness and relevance of your IB paper.


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Defining the Specifics of IB Extended Essay Writing

The IB extended essay (EE) is a self-directed research project that students complete independently, resulting in a 4000-word paper. It is a mandatory component of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme core for all students. The EE is a mini-thesis supervised by an International Baccalaureate advisor (a teacher at your school) and contributes to your IB Diploma. For the EE, you need to select a research question as your topic, independently conduct research, and then write a paper based on your findings.

Typically, the International Baccalaureate EE includes the following components:

  • A title page
  • Table of contents
  • Introduction
  • Body of the essay
  • Conclusion
  • References and bibliography.

Below you can see our tips on how to write an IB extended essay well:

Choose a Subject You Are Passionate About

To write a compelling essay, it's essential to select a topic that genuinely interests you. Find a topic that resonates with you by considering your favorite subjects and why you enjoy them. Do you love math because you enjoy problem-solving? Or perhaps you're drawn to English because of your passion for analyzing literary texts. Once you identify your category, brainstorm specific topics to explore further.

Find a Topic that Is Neither Too Narrow Nor Too Broad

Striking the right balance between a broad and narrow topic is crucial. Your chosen topic should be specific enough to write 4000 words on, but not so narrow that it limits your research. If you're struggling to find the ideal topic, consider using a comparative approach in order to develop your main arguments.

Seek an Advisor Who Is Knowledgeable about Your Topic

If you're unsure about who should be your advisor, compile a list of your top three choices. Evaluate the pros and cons of each option to make the right decision.

Conduct Detailed Research

When gathering sources, ensure that you consult credible, peer-reviewed and up-to-date books and articles. The online sources used must be trustworthy. Take detailed notes and record the source from which each useful piece of information originates.

Establish a Clear Structure and Flow

The International Baccalaureate values structure. Your EE should include a clear introduction (around one to two double-spaced pages), a research question or focus, a body section, and a conclusion (approximately one double-spaced page). Remember, poor organization will result in a lower grade.

Start Writing as Soon as Possible

Attempting to write a 4000-word essay in just one week is unrealistic, if you aim for an excellent grade. You'll need to read numerous articles, and possibly books and plays as well. Therefore, it is crucial to start your research and writing early.

Thoroughly Polish Your Writing

The process isn't complete yet. After completing the initial draft, you should edit and proofread your paper. Delete or add passages, rewrite sentences, and rearrange sections for improvement. This step is not limited to fixing typos but involves enhancing the overall quality of the text. Additionally, ensure that in-text citations are formatted properly.

Using these hints, you will increase your chances of getting a good grade. However, if you have any doubts, or need professional assistance, you can delegate your writing assignment to an expert IB essay writer who knows how to write an IB extended essay that stands out.

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Why Students Are Searching for IB Writing Services Online

There is a significant demand for online IB extended essay help among many students, and it is completely understandable, as this aspect of their studies is far from being easy or enjoyable. It poses a real challenge, especially for those lacking experience in conducting research and writing lengthy academic papers. The most common motivations for seeking an IB extended essay writing service are as follows:

  • Difficulty in finding reliable sources. If you struggle to find quality sources for your EE, professional help may be necessary. Skilled writers will conduct thorough research and utilize only trustworthy and solid sources in crafting your paper.
  • Lack of time. This assignment is highly time-consuming, with numerous steps to complete even before the writing process begins. Additionally, other schoolwork has to be done. If you lack the time to complete a quality essay on schedule, collaborating with an IB extended essay writing service can be beneficial.
  • Complexity of the task. Creating an IB essay entails selecting a topic, conducting independent research, analyzing and synthesizing a vast amount of information, and formulating a coherent argument. The process can be really overwhelming.
  • Language barriers. Many students who tackle an International Baccalaureate extended essay are non-native English speakers, which adds an extra layer of difficulty and anxiety to the task, so they need professional assistance.
  • Lack of knowledge. An EE is not a typical academic writing piece. It has unique features and requirements that can frustrate students lacking experience in academic writing.

If you also require skilled writing help, you can always buy IB extended essays at Our qualified and experienced team of IB extended essay writers can significantly lighten your workload and provide relief.

Professional IB Extended Essay Writing Service that Will Meet Your Demands

The choice of writing service is particularly responsible since these people should be aware of how to bring the high academic grade of the client, as well as improve their academic reputation. As such, if you take care of your performance, we highly recommend you to place an order at, since we keep the leading position in the market of IB writing services due to the exclusive quality of all papers we provide and 24/7 customer support. We have been providing our customers with high-quality academic assignments for many years and the extremely high percentage of our satisfied customers speaks for itself. We assure you that placing your order here you won't be disappointed, since we will do our best to meet your expectations. Visit our testimonials page and you will see that our customers choose us again and again because they are impressed with our professional approach to work.

When you decide to employ our writing team, you can be sure that your paper will be organized, written, and formatted in accordance with the highest academic standards. Placing the order at our custom IB extended essay writing service, you become our loyal friend and we do everything to make you happy with our services. By getting our IB extended essay help, you will impress your professor with the creative approach to work and fresh ideas.

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The Best IB Extended Essay Writers at Your Disposal

At, we prioritize quality work. This is why we select capable and experienced EE writers. Thus, our experts:

  • Possess academic degrees in various research fields;
  • Can delve into different subjects;
  • Know where to find reliable sources of information;
  • Understand the nuances of various citation styles;
  • Can handle large amounts of information efficiently;
  • Employ effective methods of data analysis;
  • Can generate ideas quickly and present them logically in writing.

Therefore, when you buy extended essay writing online through our services, you can be confident that it will be crafted by a knowledgeable professional who possesses the necessary academic background to complete your project accurately. Your personalized EE will feature thorough research, a proper citations adhering to formatting requirements, flawless English and a logical structure.

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The Remarkable Benefits of Choosing Our IB Extended Essay Writing Service

Opting for our IB extended essay writing service comes with numerous advantages, including:


Exceptional Content Quality

When you hire our professional IB essay writer, we assure you that your paper will be of superb quality. The writer will provide excellent content based on the topic at hand, paying careful attention to your individual requirements. This ensures that your paper aligns perfectly with your expectations. Our IB essay writers conduct in-depth research to provide strong arguments and reliable evidence to support your thesis. If you're facing difficulties with your EE, we are here to assist you.


Timely Delivery

One more concern of the customers purchasing our custom IB extended essay writing services is timely delivery. Many services send their papers after the deadline, which causes many problems for the customers. Unlike our competitors, we guarantee that all papers ordered at are delivered to customers within the deadline specified. Our writers work 24/7 in order to assist with the most urgent tasks. If you need to get IB extended essay help in twelve or even six hours, just place the order and upload all the necessary materials so that we could start working on it as soon as possible. In addition to that, you save time with our services, as you don't have to spend much time on gathering necessary materials, doing research, composing drafts, and writing everything down. 


Impressive Presentation

Our IB extended essay writers excel in expressing thoughts on specific topics. They ensure that your paper is directly relevant to the topic, collecting necessary information through research and presenting it in the best possible manner. Obtain a coherent and informative paper from our professional IB essay writer today!


Enhanced Academic Performance

Students write papers with the goal of achieving high grades and improving their performance. Our custom papers serve as exemplary models of how extended essays should be written. By following our samples, students can enhance their writing skills and exhibit better performance in the future.


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If I Ask You to Write My IB Extended Essay, Will It Be Plagiarism Free?

If you are concerned about plagiarized content, we assure you that we fully realize all the consequences of submitting an essay that contains the ideas and thoughts of other people. Therefore, we check every written paper through the sophisticated plagiarism detection software to ensure that our customers receive only authentic papers written totally from scratch. If you have some hesitations regarding paper's authenticity, we can provide you with a PDF version of a full plagiarism report (it can be ordered as a separate VIP option). This service will cost you nothing because we want you to be relaxed and calm when cooperating with our professional writing company.

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What Else You Can Expect, if You Buy IB Extended Essays from Us?

With the IB writing services of, you can profit from other things as well. Thus, our company offers you:

  • Attractive and Fair Pricing

Our prices are transparent, affordable and flexible. You will be aware of the costs before placing an order and can see how they vary based on the deadline, complexity level, and length of the essay. With us, you can afford a truly professional IB writing service.

  • Customer Privacy

We guarantee that purchasing custom IB extended essay writing from us will not harm your reputation. All your private data is encrypted, and according to our privacy policy, we do not share client data with anyone. Moreover, we only require your instructions and contact details to deliver the paper to you.

  • Custom Essays in Any Discipline and about Any Topic

You have the option to buy IB extended essays regardless of the subject you need to cover. Our writers are capable of handling assignments in various fields, spanning subjects such as Psychology, History, Business, Management, Philosophy, Sociology, Political studies, Literature, Geography, Cultural Anthropology, Information Technology, Physics, Economics, and many more.

  • Fair Revision Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with the paper received, you can ask for a revision (within 48 hours, if your paper is less than 20 pages or 30 days, if your paper is more than 20 pages after the deadline expiry) and we will complete it at no cost. You need to provide us with clear revision instructions and a reasonable deadline for making changes. The writer working on your order will polish your paper so that you get totally satisfied with it. Mind that free revision is possible only when you do not change the initial instructions.

Do not hesitate to request a high-class IB internal assessment writing service, even if you have complicated or urgent tasks.

How to Buy an IB Extended Essay


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How to Get an Extended Essay at Our Custom IB Extended Essay Writing Service

Following the requests of our clients, we tried to make the procedure of placing the order maximally convenient. Now, you can order a high-grade IB essay writing service and get a great paper written from scratch in just four simple steps:

  1. Let us know about your decision to get a paper written by our professional team by filling out a simple order form. Visit our website and press the “Order now” button and our customer-friendly system will guide you through the following steps.
  2. The next step involves payment for the order. We use only safe payment systems so you should not worry about the payment transactions. If you have some problems with the payment, do not hesitate to contact our support representatives, who work 24/7 in order to provide our clients with the timely IB extended essay help whenever they need it. We promise that our professional managers will solve any issue regarding your order.
  3. The third step implies the writing process itself. One of our professional IB essay writers, who are knowledgeable and competent in your topic, will take care of your assignment. You are free to communicate with this IB EE writing expert via a message system or with the help of the support team.
  4. Finally, when the deadline is over, you just need to login to your account and download the paper. Once you do it, this piece becomes your property and only you can decide what to do with it. According to our privacy policy, we guarantee that your personal information will never be shared with other companies of private individuals.

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