As a detailed summary of piece of writing, a synopsis describes the contents of that piece. However, while a normal summary simply describes a text in a general way, writing a synopsis involves providing details about the story including how it ends. Writers typically submit synopsis of screenplays, novels, and other lengthy works to literary agents or publishers upon completion. An effective synopsis details the primary conflict in a story and how it is resolved while also describing the main characters and how they develop emotionally as the text progresses. Once completed, synopses need to be carefully edited since they often form part of a more substantial work.  

Since writing a synopsis is an important task, knowing how to write them is a useful skill. This guide covers all the steps and provides great tips on what you should include.

Five Top Tips for Synopsis Writers

If you do not already know how to write a synopsis, below are a few suggestions on what to include before submitting a book or article proposal to an agent or publisher:

  1. Once you have completed your writing project, turn your attention to producing a synopsis of that work. Leaving this part until the end enables you to identify the main points of the plot more easily as well as the characters and the conflict.
  2. List all key characters. This could include the story’s protagonist, the villain of the piece, an associate or co-conspirator, and/or a love interest. Mention only the most crucial characters in your synopsis.
  3. Create an outline with the main points of the plot. Your synopsis should cover the story’s narrative development. A narrative arc does not normally stretch to subplots except in cases where these are critical to the story’s conclusion. Do your best to cover the primary conflict, growing action, and story’s conclusion.
  4. Identify the unique aspects of the story you are writing about. Most professors and publishers get countless synopses to read every week. If yours is to really stand apart, draw attention to the unique aspects of your story. These can be used to make your work interesting and/or different.
  5. Know what length your synopsis is meant to be. Requirements with regards to length can vary from one professor to another. Before beginning, make sure you get this clarified by your professor. That person should state their preferences clearly.

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