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At a certain point in your academic career, there comes time when you have to write a research paper. Nowadays, talking about modern academic courses, doing research has become a rule rather than an exception. Almost all courses demand that students submit research papers and essays on various topics on a predefined schedule. The requirement to write research papers is a sure way for instructors to evaluate students’ knowledges and thereafter grade them accordingly. This academic requirement has, however, posed a new challenge for the modern-day student who is already struggling with tight schedules, exams, quizzes, and much more. This has led them to sacrifice one of these aspects for the other and it is mostly the research papers which bear the brunt.

The truth of the matter is that a lot of students have a problem of finding fun topics for a research paper. If there are some, the students – as in many cases – are unable to make something out of them and, as a result, fail to create good papers working hurriedly and badly on them. We offer you to read this article to finally get a clear answer to the question “What is a good research topic?” and find out how to pick superior research paper topics.


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What Is a Research Paper?

Having no understanding about what such an academic work implies, it will hard for you to write it well and get a high grade. So, let’s learn more about it. A research paper is an academic work based on independent investigation of a specific subject. Its core function is to provide the results obtained in the course of study and, therefore, help readers learn more about the matter under consideration. To produce a solid work, you need to formulate a clear research question which should represent the essence of the topic. However, before devising that question, you need to choose a good research paper topic among a variety of ideas. So, first, let’s see what kinds of research questions are and then how to pick a superior subject for a paper.

3 Main Types of Research Questions

It is useful to know that there are three principal types of research questions such as:

  • Descriptive. These questions are based on a detailed observation of the matter under consideration. They highlight its core features and interesting aspects.
  • Relationship-based. These questions are focused on exploring whether the change in some variables causes alterations in others what may establish the so-called relationship.
  • Comparative. These are focused on similar and distinctive features of two or more items.

These are the types of research questions which you should pay close attention to before drafting the research question which your future academic work will be built around. Thus, you’ll manage to write a profound work entirely focused on the subject. Now, let’s identify the major aspects or peculiarities of supreme research topics.

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What Is a Good Research Topic?

Writing an essay or any other academic work is always perceived to be the hardest task while studying, but choosing the topic to write about is even tougher. It normally takes a lot of time to get a perfect topic, actually much more than writing the essay itself. Great research paper topics do not apply seamlessly and thus caution should be taken when selecting a theme for one’s work. The various factors that influence the choice of topics are: how complex the paper is supposed to be, what genre the paper is of, and what type of critical thinking is expected by the instructor. There are also some specific points one should take into account when choosing among various topics. So, what are the best research paper topics? These are the subjects that are:

  • Specific. Your theme has to vividly illustrate the purpose of your study.
  • Exclusive. The chosen subject has to be focused on the aspects that have not been examined before.
  • Significant. The matter you are going to explore has to play a great role for a particular field.
  • Pertinent. The chosen issue should be highly relevant to the course you are supposed to write a paper in.
  • Trendy. New topics always arouse more interest than those that has been already discussed many times from different angles.

These are the major 5 features a good topic should possess. Once you pick the matter which you’d like to investigate, make sure it corresponds to the listed aspects. Thus, your chances for producing an outstanding project will increase.

We would also like to share some tips on how to pick a good topic to make the entire process easier for you. So, keep reading to find out how to succeed in choosing a remarkable subject for your piece of writing. In case of some difficulties, remember that you can always rely on our team.

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Choosing Topics for Research Papers

Poor choice of a research paper topic, not dedicating enough time for investigation and flawed composition are some of the reasons that have led students to lose valuable marks. The choice of interesting research topics for a paper is the first step towards success in writing. Typically, instructors choose not to assign any topic but rather only share general specifications of what is expected from a research paper. So, students are to pick a topic based on their own interests and are then expected to submit a well researched and well written paper on that topic.

Selecting research topics to write about presents challenges by itself. Choosing a topic that has a personal appeal will motivate and encourage you to work on it with a greater passion. It will make the investigation process comfortable and writing - enjoyable. The traditional methods of research such as group discussions, and reading through text books and other coursework material used to obtain research paper ideas have been overtaken by modern techniques. Of course, one of the most effective ways of searching for information is the Internet, because it is easily accessible, provides a large number of resources containing information about diverse phenomena, and gives an opportunity to collect even the most recent material for your study.

These are just general points about what the process of seeking a research topic implies. We understand that being aware of such common aspects is not enough. That is why we have prepared a table containing detailed steps in determining great topics.



Consider your interests

One of the greatest and often ignored recommendations is that you should take an interest in the topic you are working on. Having an interest in it will ensure you examine it thoroughly and present concrete facts and strong arguments supporting your ideas. It is difficult to work on topics that do not interest you because in such a case, you will be focusing more on how to finish the project rather than on how to do your best to explore the matter thoroughly

Develop a research question

After finding and settling on the topic, the next step would be to find the question that the topic would answer. This is important for making the work relevant. You should make sure the topic is neither too deep nor too shallow for the answer. Your core question has to capture readers’ attention and encourage them to read your work.

Mind the nature of the subject

When selecting a topic, pick the one that is not broad. Give preference to a specific theme. A narrow topic will ensure that the paper is focused on the explored matter and organized properly without the danger of wandering off the agenda. However, you should avoid topics that tend to be totally obscure or too narrow, because you are not likely to find sufficient material to write about and this will consequently compromise the quality of the paper.

Scrutinize available research paper ideas

If you are stuck and don’t know where to go or what to do to detect worthy ideas for your academic work, consider consulting with your peers. Additionally, you may turn to your professor for assistance or browse some websites in search of engaging concepts or ideas. You may also enter your supposed-to-be topic into the search engine to see whether enough material is available.

Pay attention to objectivity

A quality research paper should be professional and properly balanced. So, do not pick research paper topics that show too much bias to the point of controversy. Such topics will more often than not require you to express your own strong personal opinions and thus may not be objective. A clear head is of great value when conducting an investigation.

Make notes

Do it whenever you are, i.e. in classes, on a trip, etc. You can write down some ideas even when you do reading or watch some videos. Whenever you notice some interesting points, ideas or thoughts, jot them down as they may help you find an awesome topic for your work.

Taking the described steps, it will be much easier for you to identify the subject which you’d like to write your paper on. Of course, it is not as easy as may seem at first sight because one topic may include several aspects which can be studied, and picking the one that may help you create a solid and profound work is quite a challenge. Still, you should not get nervous if you can’t pick a great theme for your writing project. You should take the initiative to use the services of

Why Students Address Us for Help in Selecting Research Topics?

It’s as clear as day that the process of searching for a captivating topic is multi-staged and nerve-racking. Students face numerous problems in the course of their searches because most of the topics for research papers are tough, and there is not enough information to cover them and appropriate references to base one’s paper on. Additionally, a large number of students are not interested in the chosen (or assigned) topic for the work. Some students lack time to do proper search because of too many commitments, others are not able to meet academic requirements. When you find yourself in such a situation, the best way out is to seek assistance from qualified professionals.

All the listed issues can be effectively addressed at Why you ask? We have a very able team of professional English-speaking writers who are highly experienced in writing research papers at all academic levels and in a very wide spectrum of subjects. Our writers can handle virtually every topic that you deem difficult or impossible ranging from chemistry research topics to the literature ones. They can do it without breaking a sweat thanks to their experience.

We actually specialize in writing different types of papers, and we fully understand what is needed to make them of the highest quality. We are eager to assist you to pick great topics for your writing. Note that our experts can not only provide you with ideas for the topic to write about but also help you write your essay. So, if you feel that professional writing help is much needed, contact us.

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Buy Research Papers from a Decent Online Company

Our experience has made us unrivalled in the online writing community. We know a thing or two about writing a custom research paper or any other type of academic work. We do understand that one of the things a lecturer looks for in your essay is whether you have a good topic. This is what actually holds their attention and compels them to keep reading. However, gathering some good ideas requires you to spend much time and be thorough to get the best results. Moreover, what to do if you have faced writer’s block when looking for a fun research paper topic?

The main thing is not to panic since there are several options for you to choose from:

  • Turn to your professor. There are lecturers who are kind enough to actually give you a variety of subjects to choose from. They may even help you pick a subject. Having the topic given to you might however prove fatal for your grades; this is because the scope of investigation is already defined for you. The provided topic might even be the worst variant for you that may result in a paper of poor quality.
  • Use our online writing service. If your task is to find the subject for your writing project on your own, then the consultation with your instructor won’t not bear fruit. Some of our highly educated writers have most probably been where you are. They can come up with superior custom research topics for you and write the whole paper for you from scratch. Apart from saving you the time you would have had to spend on searching a good research paper topic, we will also give you a peace of mind.

You do not have to worry about our price rates because they are affordable: neither too high nor too low. Our prices are fair enough to guarantee you the best research paper.

Tips on Where to Find Interesting Subjects for Research Papers

It is apparent that students are assigned papers in different academic disciplines. Moreover, they may need to produce writing projects on diverse themes within one field of study. It follows that it is necessary to think hard to pick the subject that differs from those chosen by your classmates. Not the easiest task! However, there is no need to tremble with fear since we can help you out. We have prepared several lists of topics related to different areas. Look through these lists attentively. Perhaps you will come across the idea which you’d like to write your paper about. So, let’s start!

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What Are the Best Research Paper Ideas in Healthcare Area?

  1. Difficulties which students with hearing loss face while studying.
  2. Modern global health concepts. Do they work?
  3. Effective and eco-friendly means of decreasing the level of air pollution.
  4. Is fitness really effective?
  5. The role of the Internet in the popularization of medical check-ups.
  6. Allergy: the psychological aspect.
  7. How to avoid drawbacks in the electronic health systems.
  8. Effect of nursing shortage on the quality of patient care.
  9. The pros and cons of health insurance.
  10. Diet: good or bad.

Interesting Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. The use of light in treating cancer.
  2. The role of language in the development of artificial intelligence.
  3. Nanomedicine as a means of extending life.
  4. Self-driving cars and their impact on the future.
  5. Modern technologies as a savior for modern education.
  6. Mobile technologies at work.
  7. Are there any technologies that can make air cleaner?
  8. Impact of digital technologies on medicine.
  9. Machine learning vs deep learning.
  10. Modern technologies as the best means of improving people’s lives.

History Research Paper Topics

  1. Feminism: history and origin.
  2. What historical events were the prerequisite of the WWII?
  3. The origin of the Hippie culture.
  4. French revolution. Unveil the details.
  5. Changes caused by the depression era.
  6. Highlight the most vivid features of the Roman Empire.
  7. Holocaust – one of the most terrible tragedies the world has ever seen.
  8. Industrial Revolution. The role of women.
  9. The effect of the Cold War on the development of world.
  10. The most important historical events that changed the world.

Funny Ideas for Research Papers

  1. What to do not to become a coach potato?
  2. The pros of coffee and energy drinks.
  3. Can comics be educational?
  4. Which animal would you like to be if you could turn into it?
  5. Why do we celebrate Halloween?
  6. The role of humor in personal relationships.
  7. Are horror movies scary or funny?
  8. April Fool’s Day: its origin and details of celebration.
  9. Secrets of well-known illusionists.
  10. Making cleaning a funny process.

What Are the most Interesting Education Research Paper Topics?

  1. Can standardized tests improve the educational process?
  2. The cost of education. Isn’t it too high?
  3. Metal detectors at educational establishments as a guarantee of safety.
  4. The development of special methods of education for children with learning disabilities.
  5. The most effective teaching methods.
  6. Traditional schooling vs homeschooling: which one is better.
  7. The availability of education for women in the third world countries.
  8. The influence of Covid-19 on education.
  9. Promotion of the importance of education among girls.
  10. Good education as a chance for better life.

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The variety of subjects to choose from is astonishing. No wonder that students often feel confused when they need to pick a great topic for their research papers on their own. If you are also supposed to select a topic for your history research project or that of any other kind on your own and don’t know what to start with, come to Here, you will be able to buy cheap research papers for any academic specialty and on any topic. The ideas discussed in your work will be relevant to the matter in question and your course of study. In general, your paper ordered from us will reveal your insight and knowledge of a particular subject. We can turn any research paper topics and suggestions a perfect paper. So, let’s see how to place an order at

  1. Fill out the form available at our site. Complete all the mandatory sections and provide additional material if any. Be attentive when indicating the deadline, number of pages, sources, spacing, etc.
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Still bothered with the question “What’s a good research topic?” Come to us with your requirements and you will get a professional research paper tailored specifically for you. Whenever you need some writing assistance, is your one-stop shop.


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