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Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a beneficial service that can be applied to orders that are lengthy and complex (defined as 20 or more pages Double-spaced, 10 or more pages Single-spaced).

Here are several great reasons to consider progressive delivery:

  • The ability to ensure that your order is on the right track in the form of rough drafts* before you receive the final product.
  • 30 days of free, unlimited revisions (versus a period of 2 days that comes with a standard order)
  • A guarantee that your paper will be assigned to a top-performing writer and the company's best editors
  • A personal manager who ensures a smooth process from start to finish and who fosters communication between you and your professional writer.

*The process for receiving drafts works like this:

  • For deadlines of 4 days or less – you would receive a draft at the 50% mark (for example, if you've given your writer 4 days to complete the order, your draft will arrive within 2 days) with a length equal to a quarter of the total page requirement (thus, if your order is 32 pages long, your draft would be 8 pages).
  • For deadlines between 5 and 11 days – you are entitled to two drafts. The first would arrive at the 25% mark at a length of a quarter of your total page requirement; the second would arrive at the 50% mark at a length of half of your total page requirement.
  • For deadlines of 12 days or more – you are entitled to three drafts, which would arrive at the 25%, 50%, and 75% marks with lengths of 25%, 50% and 75% of your total page requirement.

We offer these services for only 15% above the price of your order.

* Are you interested in an individual plan that takes into account your personal preferences and/or the peculiar requirements of your order? Consider it done! Contact our customer care team and they can help you create a plan that delivers everything you need.

Additional Services for Short Orders of less than 20 Pages

1-Page Summary of Your Paper

Does your professor/instructor require a 1-page summary of your paper? We would be happy to assist! Our additional services can deliver a summary that highlights the main points.

Draft of Your Paper

With this service, you can request a one-page draft (300 words double-spaced or 600 single-spaced) delivered to you after a half of the deadline expires. For instance, if your deadline is in 4 days, you will receive a draft in 2 days.

Extended Revision

When you order our regular services, you are entitled to unlimited free revisions for 2 days after you receive your paper. However, with extended revision services, we give you 14 days to request free revisions!

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