It is safe to assume that the people, who know the most about autism, are the parents of autistic children. However, it is also very likely that all other people surrounding these children will know little to no information about this disorder. It is easy to understand why it happens – few people like to study something that, as they think, does not apply to them. Nevertheless, to show respect toward children with autism and their parents and to treat them properly, it is better to learn more about this condition.

Autism is a disorder that can have a variety of symptoms and it may look very different. For instance, an autistic child can be smart and verbal, or they can be mentally challenged and nonverbal. However, there are things that are usually similar for all people with autism. One of them is the difficulty to communicate with others or have an eye contact. Other possible symptoms of autism include gastrointestinal issues, problems with sensory input, as well as delays in communication. It means that even though many people watched movies or TV shows about autism and think that they know how an autistic person looks like, they are wrong.

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Today, there are many assumptions about the things that might cause autism. Many people think that one of the main causes is the use of vaccines that contain mercury, while others say that a kind of genetic flaw is involved. It is still not completely clear what the reason for the development of autism is. Apart from the commonly assumed theories, the environmental issues can also contribute to the condition.

Unfortunately, the kind of treatment that could cure autism still does not exist. Therefore, this condition is considered lifelong. However, it only means that there is no way to completely eradicate the disorder’s symptoms. In the meantime, the condition of an autistic person can still be improved, especially if necessary treatment was commenced in time. Treatment programs include a range of procedures to help them resolve their behavioral, sensory, and communication issues. In some cases, it becomes possible to ease the symptoms of autism. However, the treatment should be continuous because in case it is stopped the symptoms can return.

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The issue as to where autistic children should study is a very controversial one. Some children do well in common schools, while others need individual treatment in specialized classrooms. Since the symptoms and manifestations of the disorder can be different, every child with autism should be treated differently, based on these symptoms and their personal needs. At the same time, more often it is required to put a child into a special class because the healthy children’s mistreatment can become a huge challenge and harm the child.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that every child with autism needs to be respected. They are not guilty of their condition, and they deserve to be happy. For this reason, it is essential to help them meet their needs.


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