Good Persuasive Speech Topics

When you are preparing a speech, the proper choice of a captivating and appealing topic is the foundation of your success. You have to catch the attention of your audience from the first words and stir up their interest throughout the whole speech. With a well-chosen topic, you will be able to attain this goal and make your presentation successful.

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Interesting Speech Topics

  • The threat of global warming
  • Harm induced by beauty contests
  • The effects of television
  • Gun control: do we need it?
  • Gay rights and gay marriages
  • The use of physical force when punishing children
  • Is it right to keep wild animals in zoos?
  • The best ways to be joyful every day


What can be worse than trying to write an interesting report on a topic that is boring for you, or the one that you hardly even understand? Unfortunately, many students are given vague and unattractive topics, which obviously results into a failure to create a striking presentation. Therefore, if you have a chance to choose the topic you like and understand, you are lucky!

Choosing a Topic and Writing a Speech

When you are choosing a topic for your presentation, you can use online resources. However, you have to be careful! It is likely that the topic samples, which you will find on most resources, will be outdated and plagiarized. Be especially cautious about free presentations offered online. It is possible that some of your classmates will also want to use them and you will end up presenting two absolutely similar speeches. Will your professor like it? So, if you do not want to receive a low grade for your presentation, you should use only reputable and trusted sources to look for the samples. And do not just copy them, but use them as a guide to make your own speech.

To write a good speech on the selected topic, you need to have clear instructions from your professor. They depend on the chosen format, as well as on the personal preferences of your professor. If you have clear and coherent instructions, you will be able to produce an outstanding speech for your topic of interest.

Obviously, you also have to possess a great deal of knowledge on the subject, as well as basic writing skills and good literary English. You have to be original and creative. You also ought to know what your audience wants to hear from you and be able to persuade them in your point of view. Not everyone can do that! However, with practice and good preparation, you can learn to do all of this and present your reports in the best way possible.


Next time you need to make a presentation, mind all these tips and be successful!


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