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Why an Anti-Plagiarism Guarantee Is Essential

When customers buy essay papers, they should seek solid guarantees against plagiarism because it ensures that the service provider they use is obliged to send a plagiarism report, if requested. This report is intended to prove that the essay writing service has authentically created an original paper.

A guarantee against plagiarism additionally ensures that, if plagiarism is identified in your paper (customers should provide valid plagiarism reports on their part), a company is obliged to refund your fee. Please note that correctly cited direct quotations, references or some other parts of the assignment (e.g. questions), footnotes, etc. are not considered plagiarism.

Our company provides anti-plagiarism guarantees to all customers who buy essay papers from us. However, our guarantee excludes a number of sources, mostly databases that are freely accessible on the Internet.

What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be described as unofficial copying or use of another party’s work without accurately citing the rightful source or by not making it known that you are not the original creator of the work in question.

When creating academic papers, or indeed non-academic papers, especially in the form of essays, term papers, reports, research papers, theses, dissertations and so on, it can be tempting to resort to plagiarism. It is’s recommendation to shun plagiarism at all times because it can seriously jeopardize your education.

When to Watch out for Plagiarism

You should always use citation when:

  • You use or refer to the thoughts, theories or viewpoints of another party;

  • You use data that is not commonly known in the form of graphs, statistics, charts, drawings and so on.

As soon as our writers complete a paper, it is automatically scanned by our anti-plagiarism system and, after that; it is manually checked by our Quality experts. All our papers for sale undergo this dual testing to ensure 100% originality when you buy essay papers.

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