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When customers buy essay papers, they should seek solid guarantees against plagiarism because it ensures that the service provider they are dealing with is responsible and takes its duties seriously. A plagiarism-free guarantee additionally ensures that if plagiarism is identified in a client’s paper, a company is obliged to refund their fee. Please note that properly cited direct quotations, references or some other parts of the assignment (e.g. questions), footnotes, etc. are not considered plagiarism.

If you want to cooperate with the agency that provides unique content, feel free to delegate your assignment to us. Our company provides a plagiarism-free warranty to all customers who buy essay papers or any other works from us. Now, let’s learn more about copy-pasting, its consequences, and why it should be avoided.


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What Is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism can be described as copying or using another party’s work without accurately citing the original source or not making it known that you are not the original creator of the work in question.

When creating academic or non-academic papers, especially in the form of essays, term papers, reports, research papers, theses, dissertations and so on, it can be tempting to resort to plagiarism. However, we, at, recommend shunning plagiarism at all times because it can seriously jeopardize your education. Copyright infringement is not accepted in the academic area, and it is severely punished. So, if you see that you are not skilled enough to produce solid papers that include fresh ideas only, turn to our team for assistance. We not only follow customers’ directions when writing their academic works but also scan each paper for plagiarism with the help of a reliable online plagiarism checker for students to ensure its originality.

When to Watch out for Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a very sneaky thing. You may even haven’t got the faintest idea that you’ve plagiarized. How could that be? The point is that copy-pasting can be of different types what causes some confusion and misunderstandings among students. For example, it is considered copy-pasting when you:

  • Use the data that is not commonly known in the form of graphs, statistics, charts, drawings and so on.
  • Take information from your previous projects and add it to the paper you are writing at the moment.
  • Copy information from a source slightly modifying it and paste it into your work.
  • Take some parts of different texts and transform them into a new piece.
  • Refer to the thoughts, theories or viewpoints of others without giving proper credit to them.
  • Do not organize quotations according to the citation style indicated by your professor.

You should always bear these points in mind when working on your writing assignments. In case you are not aware of the peculiarities of different citation styles and therefore don’t know how to make proper citations, submit your order to our company. If you don’t have a clue about why you can’t use your previous papers to create a new one, turn to us as well. No matter the case, we can help you out.

We realize the importance of both creating authentic texts and using plagiarism checkers to prove their originality. As soon as our writers complete a paper, it is scanned by our online plagiarism checker for students. All our papers for sale undergo this testing to ensure originality when you buy essay papers. Owing to our plagiarism scanner, you can be confident of receiving writing projects based on original research.

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Solid Online Plagiarism Checker for Students Means Accurate Results

All students know that copy-pasted papers are not accepted by professors. They also know that plagiarism checkers are a great instrument for ensuring the authenticity of the produced texts. However, they sometimes don’t know what plagiarism scanner to use and how to use it. Some of them ponder over using a free online plagiarism checker, others consider such an option a bad choice since free plagiarism checkers often have some restrictions. One more thing that bothers students is whether plagiarism checkers show the percentage of copy-pasted material and whether it is accurate.

The percentage of copied content matters a lot because some educational establishments set a limit on the number of copied words that can be included in a paper. If a plagiarism scanner you are using doesn’t show the percentage of copied content while highlighting plagiarized words/expressions/sentences, you should try another one since you can't be sure that your writing will be accepted by your professor.

When a free online plagiarism checker or a paid one you are using shows you that percentage, you have an opportunity to:

  • identify the type of copy-pasting;
  • correct valid plagiarism;
  • leave invalid plagiarism unchanged, i.e. quotes, data that is considered common knowledge, statistics, etc.

It’s obvious that knowing the percentage of copied text is important since it gives you a clear understanding of whether your work meets the set standards or not.

Finding reliable online plagiarism checkers may be complicated and take some time. If you can’t afford to spend much time looking for a good plagiarism detection application, get in touch with us. At, you can order any type of paper and be confident it will be authentic.

One of the most Reliable Plagiarism Checkers

As it has already been stated, we check each paper for plagiarism. To make certain that our customers will receive authentic writing projects from us, we use a modern and reliable plagiarism scanner. It can examine texts of any academic level, complexity, topic, style, and genre. Our plagiarism detection tool scans the pasted text against numerous web resources to identify copy-pasted patterns. Moreover, it can detect the parts of text created by AI, which is considered a very useful option for students nowadays. So, if you are searching for a trustworthy agency that provides a reliable plagiarism-free guarantee, is what you really need.

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Positive Features of Our Plagiarism Detection Application

Owing to the scanner we are using, we can provide our customers with a plagiarism-free warranty on any type of the ordered work. It doesn’t matter whether you order an essay, research proposal, coursework, synopsis or any other piece of writing, be sure of getting a plagiarism-free warranty from us. We are completely confident in the reliability of the checker we are using and would like to highlight its superior features so that you could be certain that you can rely on us to provide you with plagiarism-free content. So, draw your attention to the following list of points:


Quick Check

Our plagiarism software tool processes texts quickly. To check a paper for plagiarism, we log in to our application and paste the content into a special window and press the “start checking” button. Only a few minutes and the result of the check appears on the screen.


Accurate Results

Our plagiarism-free warranty is cast-iron! Why? Because our plagiarism software tool shows accurate results. Once the check is over, a correct percentage of copy-pasted information will appear on the screen.


Any Format

Our plagiarism software tool can scan the texts provided in different formats. Moreover, it can check papers produced in different languages. No matter text specifications, an accurate result is guaranteed.


Data Security

Designing our plagiarism software tool, we kept in mind such an important issue as confidentiality and safety. You shouldn’t have any worries about the texts scanned by our checker. We mean that the scanned files are unavailable to anyone.


Huge Number of Sources

Your piece of writing will be checked against more than 500 million texts, 14 billion websites, 25 000 newspapers, magazines, etc. Such a thorough check ensures nothing but originality.


In addition to the listed points, our scanner can generate a detailed report on the obtained results. This report is intended to prove that the paper created by our experts is original. Thus, if you are looking for someone who could provide you with exclusive written material, we are ready to assist you.

How Do We Ensure a Plagiarism-free Guarantee?

Actually, it’s not complicated for us. There are several steps we take to let our customers understand that our plagiarism-free warranty is valid. Let’s examine the way the whole process takes place:

  1. We study customers’ instructions and follow them to the letter.
  2. We do extensive research to gather relevant and reliable data for the paper. We make sure the used sources are properly cited and the direct quotes included in a paper are arranged correctly.
  3. Then, we check the produced paper for plagiarism.
  4. Finally, we scrutinize the results of plagiarism investigation to make certain that the final output is unique, i.e. without copied ideas, thoughts, statements, etc.

This is the algorithm which we follow to ensure completely customized and original papers. In case some similarities are detected, we carefully check each of them to see whether those refer to valid or invalid plagiarism. If any matches turn out to be valid, we start working on each of them to make the content absolutely original.

Choosing to deal with us, you can rest assured that your assignments will be taken care of. If we say that we provide a plagiarism-free guarantee, then we mean it. If we promise that your paper will contain properly cited sources, then it’s not an empty promise. So, delegate your papers to us without hesitation!

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