Wall Street Journal

The recent concerns of the Wall Street Journal are difficult to visualize, the most challenging topic in the economy today is the latest fortification of 157,000 jobs on the marketplace. The argument is that whether this enrichment serves the best for the economy of United States or not. On the one hand, such economic situation reflects the importance of the United States government participation. On the other hand, the growth of the economy is insignificant but it still makes challenges for the employment of the country. The Labor Department states that, “The companies added 157,000 jobs in January”. In recent times, the 7.9% rate of unemployment was estimated as the result of the analysis of the United States families. Therefore, based on the economic prospects, such a drastic number of added jobs will hugely affect the payroll, as well as the market jump. The contemporary statistical analysis states that in 2012 the economic activity was rather slow. Hence, it is assumed that it will be of the average rate in 2013. The spheres of investment, along with the housing estate, seem to be affected most. The payroll in 2012 makes the biggest challenge out of the unemployment rate changes in the labor force (Sparshott & Morath, n. d.).

Considering the Federal Reserve data, “The rate of unemployment is still 6.5%”; it means that the recent changes in the workforce had no impact on the particular activity of economy. A current escalation of 157,000 jobs in the workforce as of January 2013 projects to have the most impact on the spheres of retailing and manufacturing, healthcare industry and extensive trade. Such an activity resulted in the fact that “The average salaries rose by 4 cents to $23.78 per hour, whereas the average work-week continued the same - 34.4 hours”. Based on the latest issues, “The United States economy is continuing to grow slowly, but 12 million Americans are still unemployed” (Sparshott & Morath, n. d.).



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