Stakeholder Influences on Programs Paper

The PEACE Domestic Violence Agency (PEACE) has a mission of, firstly, reducing the victim’s trauma of its clientele, secondly, empowering the survivors, and lastly, promoting the recovery of the victims in the city of Portland, through the provision of the direct services. Through education and challenging any existing societal norms and beliefs that condone and promote violence within the city of Portland, PEACE attempts to see a reduction of sexual and domestic violence incidents.

In light of this paper, a stakeholder is a party to the program, who is affected by the actions and decisions that are made by the organization or entity in question. In case the stakeholder intends and actually withdraws their support, the organization’s operations are affected extremely negatively, and business unit even may cease to exist, in some complicated cases. The stakeholders take interests in various aspects of the operations of any business in their entity. The interests can be depicted in the form of owners, who can be interested in the profit margins and overall performance that is enjoyed by the business. On the other hand, the customers would be interested more in the value they get, the customer care service, and service delivery they receive. In light of the above observations, the needs and expectations of the stakeholders inherently determine the decision-making procedures, the service delivery, the products, and services provided by an organization.

The interests of the stakeholders are also essential in the facilitation of value creation within the organization leading to maximization of the organization’s profits, as well as their service delivery. The indulgence of the stakeholders guards the image of the organization. As noted by Kerzner (2009), it is manifested by the constant follow-ups and rectifications that are done on business or institution practices that would lead to tarnishing the organization in the public arena.

As noted earlier, PEACE mission is reducing victim’s trauma, empowering the survivors, and lastly providing direct services. The main aim of the program is reducing the impacts of sexual assaults, as well as of any domestic violence. The program intends to achieve this target through the advancement of knowledge to the community in the city of Portland. From the onset of the program, those in charge of its creation focused on societal norms that largely condoned and perpetuated the vice. PEACE primarily seeks to address the plight faced by the youth, spouses, and violence perpetuated upon children in the city of Portland.

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PEACE, thus, will continue to promote the wellbeing of the target victims with the continued funding of the project. Funding is necessary in creating awareness through education. This is necessary to reduce the occurrence of the vice in contemporary society. The quality of life of individuals whose breadwinners could likely be in prison is greatly improved through the provision of services to the affected family members. Through a set rehabilitation program that targets young people, who are involved in criminal injustices, PEACE will seek to instill their confidence, enhance their skills, and also support the networks.

In addition, PEACE offers up to $5000 grant to charities with the money being provided from the grants received by PEACE. Per annum, the program also provides up to $150 000 through the investor program for three years consecutively to the domestic violence victims. The stakeholders thus make great emphasis on PEACE funding of this project. Such interest lies in the fact that it is necessary for the PEACE administrator to provide the proposal that stipulates the goals and mission of the project (Kerzner, 2009).

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An evaluation plan is initiated once funds are advanced for the project. The evaluation plan is of great interest to the stakeholders of the organization. This is because the evaluation plan acts as a pointer of whether the outcomes that PEACE had identified were achieved. The stakeholders make efforts in evaluating the empowerment levels of the project. As stipulated by New and Quick (1998), this entails PEACE staff acting as evaluators of the project in an effort to boast their professional development and their levels of efficiency.

The stakeholders also have an influence on ensuring that professional expertise and the necessary funds are provided to the pram staff. This is essential in manifestation of a success evaluation plan. The stakeholders also ensure that the process is cost effective by ensuring that the program staffs gets involved in the process. In its entity, the process improves the entire program as to the aspirations of the stakeholders. During the implementation process of the procedures, the program staff and the project target population need to ensure that they outline the desired results clearly. Some of the anticipated problems could be the development of a poor design due to the lack of adequate knowledge and expertise. Eventually, this could lead to loopholes in the anticipated outcomes.

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Thus, as noted by Davies (1996), there is a need to empower the project staff on the benefits that can be gained from the evaluation plan. These factors are influenced by the stakeholders in that they are informed on the criteria that are supposed to be evaluated and also on the mechanisms that are used during the evaluation process, whereas the project staff only gives the guidelines that are to be used during the evaluation process.

The stakeholders further approve the documentation of the proposal funding. The documentation should include details as to how the funds are to be sued, the duration the project is supposed to run for, and also the number of beneficiaries to benefit from the project. Such documentation is necessary in ensuring that there are limited chances for the funds allocated to the project to be embezzled. The stakeholders are also interested in the program officers involved in the monitoring process of all the activities that are supposed to be undertaken. Stakeholders are also expected to evaluate the services that the program has set out on a continuous basis.

The stakeholders should evaluate both the processes and the outcome evaluations of the program. Stakeholders should make the evaluation a continuous process in order to determine whether the project will continue to receive their funding. Effective service quality of the projects, as New and Quick (1998) point out, can be indicated by the presence of an assessment body within the program. PEACE, thus, can encourage their stakeholders if there is a positive outcome in the advancement of their services in the end. The stakeholders, however, can terminate funding if the directors fail to address the issues raised by the assessors.

Thus, it is evident that the program planning and evaluation are of considerable importance at the program’s initial stages. The existence and integration of the evaluation aspect present at PEACE also need to be released to the stakeholders. Davies (1996) further points at the importance of having a budget that is accommodating within the needs of any program, in this case PEACE. PEACE, thus, needs to have a well-trained human capital to steer the program to its success as it is deemed vital for any human service agency.

In the end, the use of the theory based and objective guided mechanisms is important for the success of any evaluation program implementation. Where this is done, the objectives of the project are achieved comprehensively and in a balanced manner. Ultimately, the objectives offer the data to be utilized in the reporting and planning processes.

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