The Education Budget Thesis Statement

The quality of education in the U.S. is still not per expectations of many citizens, given that there are some inequities when it comes to budgetary allocation between state and federal government public schools. Such situation has resulted in poor quality of education in some public schools due to inadequate budgetary allocations. Thus, it is hard for such schools to afford basic resources that are needed to guarantee the quality of education offered by the institutions. Equity should be the fundamental principle that guides the allocation of public funds in the education sector to ensure that all children in the U.S. get a quality education in any public school. For instance, in some states teachers are well paid, thereby they are highly motivated. However, in other shools they are not well paid, leading to low levels of motivations, thus, undermining their ability to provide quality education. Equality cannot be achieved without adequate budgetary allocations to the education sector from the elementary to the higher institutions of learning (Wellman, 2010). Therefore, the federal government should set aside at least twenty five percent of its budget on the improvement of the quality of education.

There are a number of ways in which setting at least 25 percent of the federal budget on education can help in improving the quality of education in the U.S. Firstly, increased budgetary provision will ensure equitable allocation between state and federal government schools. The current budget in the education sector does not allow for equity in access to quality education in the public sector. It is especially the case in the schools that are allocated inadequate resources and end up lacking basic necessities that are vital for the provision of quality education (Puckett et al., 2013). For example, due to inadequate budgetary allocations, some public schools have insufficient number of teachers, which greatly affects the quality of education offered by them in some subjects. Professional teachers in public schools are the fundamental resources needed to improve the education quality of the nation in the future. Expert teachers in the public schools cannot be hired unless the federal government budgetary allocation is increased to at least 25 percent of the total budget. Such change will enable all public schools to have equal resources to provide the proper quality of education needed in the modern society.

Secondly, increased government budgetary allocation in the education sector will be instrumental in encouraging instructors and potential educators to work in the profession of teaching (Epps, 2010). Due to the low pay compared to other professions, many people prefer other careers rather than teaching,denying the education sector quality human resource. The value of education can be improved by making the teaching an attractive profession through offering better rewards and compensations that are pecompatible with other professions in the market. Increased pay will be a key step in encouraging highly qualified professionals to become teachers in the future. Such strategy cannot be possible unless the current federal budget allocation to the education sector is raised to be at least 25 percent annually of the total sum.

In conclusion, increased budgetary allocation will be critical in ensuring that the quality of education offered in the public schools is improved. The positive changes are possible due to equitable allocation of resources in the public schools that are run by the state and federal government, The major improvement strategy includes adequate teachers and other supportive resources, and making the teaching profession more attractive to highly qualified individuals. Hence, the federal government should increase its budgetary allocation to the education to at least 25 percent for purposes of enhancing the process of improving the quality of education.

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