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This Moment

The streets without lights could be a strange and frightening place. The poem "This Moment" by Eavan Boland depicts the under mined and frivolous activities that occur during nighttime. Throughout the poem, a sense of calmness is presented in the tone, which narrator uses to express it. He provides vivid and universal examples to illustrate the mental image for the reader. The author uses imagery to describe the setting and conveys of the central theme of the poem, also to appreciate little things in life. 

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The narrator uses references to describe the time of the day, when the poem takes place: "A neighborhood/ at dusk" (Boland 1-2). In this stanza, the narrator gives a subtle clue as to it being the darkest stage of twilight. The next verse can be analyzed as the poem's rising action. "Things are getting ready/ to happen/ out of sight" (Boland 3-5). The narrator shows that something is ready to happen and is out of visible sight. This can be considered as negative connotation, since tragedies are associated with the dark, as well as the unknown. However, it is the moments in which we sleep and pay the least amount of attention, that are missed.

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Imagery is a predominant factor in this poem. The narrator describes the dark side of a neighborhood. For instance, he uses colors to contrast two objects in the poem. "One tree is black./ One window is yellow as butter" (Boland 9-10). This helps to describe how dark the outside is, compared to the window of a home where the lights are on. From this the narrator passes on to describing the moment at home. "A woman leans down to catch a child,/ who has run into her arms/ this moment" (Boland 11-13). Clearly, this is a moment that is unnoticed in the dark. Now, after the moment is provided, various assumptions can be made over what factor has caused that moment and how it has been handled.

"Stars and moths./ And rinds slanting around fruit./ But not yet" (Boland 6-8). In this stanza, the narrator makes a powerful notion of how the night appears at that moment, but without a notice. The inequalities of being able to stop and admire the changes around the environment due to the restrictions of everyday life are well delivered in this poem. The constant struggle is being held by materialistic or personal affairs, which diminish a person's humanity. Towards the end of the poem, the narrator says: "Stars rise./ Moths flutter./ Apples sweeten in the dark" (Boland 13-15). That explains the evolution of the surroundings that go unnoticed, but nevertheless occur.     

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Finally, the poem "This Moment" delivers a strong and powerful theme of appreciating the small tiny moments that happen all around. The narrator does this in a very calm tone thanks to the use of imagery and descriptive details. This poem truly translates a universal message that conveys realization to the reader. 

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