The organizational structure is clear, makes it understandable which part of the organization does what. It is bureaucratic, implicating that the work of the organization strictly adheres to policies and procedures. It shows plainly the rank of duty of each subordinate in the lines of communication and potential lines of promotion. The agency breaks up different works and activities into different units. Each unit has many level s of chain of command to reflect the allocation of duties and authority. This kind of a structure ensures that the health care providers work together in a team to provide better services. They assist people going through major emergency and, when needed, they act to look after those who are most in danger.

To ensure that an organization facilitates safe delivery, health practitioners help patient’s in their decision-making process over a number of communications. They get caught up in opening discussions, education, testing and preparation of the patient previous to the specific healthcare being given.

The Nurse Caring Delivery Model put into practice on a telemetry unit is found on the strength of the nurse head and the staff’s eagerness and interest in generating transformation. Telemetry unit is separated into 10-bed subunits, each of which is staffed by two RNs and 1 nursing assistant.

Consent to a particular type of treatment permits that treatment to be given legally. Consent must generally be acquired prior to any treatment is administered and can only be significant if a full clarification of the treatment has been specified.

Depending on the scale of clinical urgency and accessibility of alternative decision, it is the duty of the nurse to take rational steps to get consent if realistic, and file these steps in the patient’s clinical record. This makes it easy for the nurse in her duty to make the patient's wellbeing their first concern throughout the surgical experience. The Nurse Unit Manager is responsible for acquiring patientconsent in cases of communal care.



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