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Over the last decades, developing countries have been rapidly industrializing. While this had positive effects on economic growth, it has also caused the pollution with severe effects on the natural environment. At the same time, the United States of America, Europe, Japan, and South Korea implemented tough environment policy in order to reduce pollution.

Thus, clean-air regulations have considerably reduced acid rains in the USA, Europe, Japan, and South Korea (Purdue University, 2013). At the same time, in fast-growing East Asian states, the level of pollution and frequency of acid rains has grown dramatically. Acid rains impact negatively ecological situation on the planet. They are formed primarily of products of fossil fuel consumption and consist of nitrates. Pollutants rise into the atmosphere and fall back as wet deposition in the form of rain or snow. Nitrates influence people’s health and ecosystems. For example, in China and India, the pollution is considered to be a fourth-leading risk factor for death.

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As the world community experience rapid urban growth, the problem of rising wet deposition of nitrates becomes extremely urgent. The most effective way to protect the environment is to introduce clean-air policies, implement environmental regulations, and adopt new technologies. Owing to regulations of vehicle emissions, the USA solved the acid rain’s problem. Although gross domestic product, urban population, and the number of vehicles have grown, the amount of acid rains has decreased. However, environmental legislation in itself can not solve the problem of emission and acid rain appearance. It must be supported by adoption of efficient control technologies. Moreover, climatic conditions of a particular city must be taken into consideration.

Scientists proved that regulations must be implemented properly and reinforced by new technologies. Otherwise, climate change can result in bigger impact on the environment. Thus, developing countries must learn experience of ecological regulations’ implementation of leading countries. 

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