The Progressive Reform Movement of the Early 1900s

The Progressive Movement appeared in the early 20th century and spread all over the world. However, the promotion of each state depends on the development of each country and its the culture. Let have a look at Nebraska and consider the situation at the time. There were two main political parties that found the support of the citizens, the Republicans and the Democrats. Certain disjunctive parties like the Populists were in power. In the 1890s, their practice demonstrated how many difficulties are on the way to succeed the strength of the two main parties. Thereby, those who supported the Progressive Movement operated inside the central parties. However, all this led to a great deal of problems. The reformers made efforts to meliorate social conditions with the help of such ideas as forward-thinking.

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At the beginning of existence of the United States, only white men had the opportunity to vote and choose the candidates to the national government. However, everything changed in the first half of the 20th century, because many women revolted and fought for the right of vote in their own society.

During the centuries, alcohol drinks were considered as public evil for many reformers in social sphere. Alcohol was thought to be the main reason for the break-up of marriages, bad uncontrolled behavior and sorrows. There was a great deal of reformers in the state who wished to forbid alcohol consumption.

American slaves originated from Africa and had not any rights. When the slavery was cancelled, the African Americans got their liberty and tried to get about the country. However, they felt a discontent opposition from the whites.

Some rights were established for the local tribes. For instance, they could possess small areas of land that were named reservations. However, the status of the native inhabitants of the U. S. was not determined at the time and changed many times.

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In the 19th century, children were often compelled to work a lot. What is more, they earned too little for their hard work. The 20th century brought a positive change, and the government cancelled the slavery of children.  

Earlier, the members of the United States’ Senate were elected by the favorite sons. Later, the government confirmed the popular vote. The voters had the main electoral rights.

The advanced reformers of most states wanted to give more power to the population. Namely, they wanted people to take an active part in the social life by allowing them find out more about laws, rights and government in general. This reform was called initiative and plebiscite. The citizens got the opportunity to circulate applications and put proposals.

In the 20th century, the small businesses turned into the large ones. The massive marketplace with a great deal of potential customers was formed in the United States, and businesses started to occupy it. They wanted to constrain the competition between the companies; thereby, they controlled all prices and benefits.

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Progressive reformers faced the opposition from the conservatives, who got used to support the old standards in the economic and social systems. They could not accept the new reforms and give the power to the communists, socialists, reformers and anarchists. Moreover, the conservatives were afraid of changing of the conventional power. They tried to persuade others that the reforms could lead to the ruin of democracy and capitalism.

Unfortunately, the Advanced Movement could not fully overlord because of the World War I, which prevented the development of the progressive reforms and shared the center of attention. The war had a great impact on the politics and society and also gave the possibility to open the curtain between the countries and help to compare their social life.  

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