Transhumanism is the advancement in technology in regard to enhancing the functionality of a human being. With the available technology advancement, it is possible to eliminate aging and enhance intellectual capacity of human beings. Proponents of transhumanism project a myriad of benefits and also dangers of emerging technologies. These technologies are anticipated to bring relieve to human suffering from diseases. I believe that human beings will eventually be transformed with expanded technologies

According to Kurzweil (45), the technological innovation pace may yield radical technological advances which will adversely change the nature of human beings. Technological singularity is desirable but should be used responsibly (Kurzweil 43). Examples of such technologies are biotechnology, nanotechnology, chemical preservation and information technology which are highly supported. These technologies are crucial and are geared to making the humans become more than human.

Since the advent of modernity and civilization, technology has played a pivotal role in the development humanity. With the advancement of technology in the 21st century, the human race has witnessed improvements in education, medicine, commerce and communication. In fact, most research studies have shown that no aspect of the human life has been left “untouched” by technology in one way or another.

Although technology has led to positive developments in communication, over reliance has reduced face to face human interaction. When human beings become overly dependent on technology, it decreases interpersonal communication and affects the development of interpersonal skills. For example, the use of Facebook, Skype, Twitter, text messages and email has led to the loss of facial expressions, voice communication, gestures and eye contact, thus leading to less expressive communication. Overdependence of technology has affected child development. Psychologists argue that the current use of technology intrudes on the socialization process, thus children become lazy. Today, children have been reduced to “couch potatoes”, since they spend most of their time on the couch playing computer games, thus reducing interaction with others. Since most people spend their time at home, they are becoming more dysfunctional and in the society.


It is evident that technology has had a profound effect on humanity. While it is arguably true that technology has been associated with positive effects in virtually every facet of human life, overdependence on it has become a disservice to the society. Although overdependence on technology is detrimental to human lives, it should be embraced to certain degrees that help in the advancement of innovation and development. Therefore, it is vital for people to develop the art of harnessing the useful components of technology and discarding the detrimental ones, instead of overly depend on it.



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