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It is interesting how the Vietnamese community grew significantly in New Orleans after the Hurricane Katrina. It is the Catholic Church that played a significant role in mobilizing and empowering the endangered community. The church used its records to track down most of the Vietnamese and resettle them in their homes. The quick recovery may also be as a result of the community’s innate identity and strong work ethic.

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In the article, it is not clearly stated how the Vietnamese community response to Katrina is related to collective memory and particular history of the community. Even though history and memory form a strong political source, they are not a conclusive measure of what transpired in eastern New Orleans. It is interesting to note that most African-Americans never returned after the Katrina. Why did they fail to learn from their Vietnamese neighbors? The networks formed by the Vietnamese community aided the community to have a political voice in matters affecting members of their community.

The article by Violet Showers (2008) gives insight on African-American identities. The author discusses the experiences of African-Americans and immigrants to America and other regions on the Atlantic Coast. The African and Afro-Caribbean immigrants are most spread. The article gives real accounts of experiences from oral discussions and written life stories. The narration also includes personal testimonies from African-Americans.

The discussion illustrate how transnational identities form among immigrants as they struggle to conform to a different culture. Though the American population is a composition of immigrants from diverse cultural backgrounds, the African-American culture and identity remain separated between their native land and the U.S. The immigrants undergo the experience that influences the transnational culture.

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The article by Peter Schuck (2012) gives a detailed discussion about the immigration policy. The author highlights some of the misunderstandings and necessary reforms for the immigration policy. The immigration policy has enabled many people to acquire permanent residence in America.

The policy gives a detailed procedure an immigrant has to follow to gain American citizenship and assimilate quickly in the American society. It also helps the government to track those entering the territory of the country. However, it is critical to find out if American population welcomes the idea of increasing immigrants. The assessment can be done by investigating the social settings under which the immigrants dwell. One may also want to find the treatment received by legal immigrants when interacting with fellow Americans. Finally, it is critical to manage immigration effectively by reforming the policy as it became actual by immerging issues.

Governor Janice K. Brewer surprised the whole world by signing into law the Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act. The new law was aimed to regulate immigration at the State of Arizona. However, the means of implementing the new laws baffled the world. It was unethical for the state to grant its law enforcement officials permission to detain persons they suspected as illegal immigrants. Many people saw it as a discriminatory law against Latinos and other minority groups. The law court required people to produce identification documents on demand as a proof of citizenship. Persons without documentation were denied to access the state and deprived from other public benefits.

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The public responded by filing court cases to challenge the new law resulting in minimal reforms. However, it is interesting to note that residents of Arizona were able to witness immense changes after a decade. The law had greatly helped in regulating the immigration.

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