The Leader's Companion: Insights on Leadership through the Ages

Part IX of the book “The Leader's Companion: Insights on Leadership through the Ages” (Wren, 1995) discusses the key components that help to understand and influence the motivation of followers. The main idea focuses on the importance of understanding the needs to motivate the followers through their personnel needs, aims and wants, rewards and remunerations, throgh the cognitive balance, etc. The notion of motivation theories usage by the leader should be fully concentrated on in terms of the situational basis, working, and career position of the followers (Ellsworth, 2002). The author strengthens that there is no perfect theory and approach for leader to use; however, in different situations, it is appropriate to use the mix of the theories and approaches based on the current performance and management context. Theme of the followers’ motivation understanding is one of the most significant in today’s management and leading researches and analysis. I have been always interested in the theme of people’s motivation influence. This topic bothered me not only in the managerial and leadership context, but in the family relation and intrapersonal communication context as well.

Part X of the same book discusses the context and main points of the group leading and group thinking development. The main ideas of this part are concentrated on the effective small group performance development, methods to form the effective and efficient group, inside group roles distribution, methods to manage the group, leading approaches, and creation of the group thinking performance. Management and leadership of the small group are different categories. Smart manager can create effective group that would work in synergy and with high contribution; however, only effective leader can create the culture and motivation stimulus which will encourage group members to work harder, be a part of group, and create group thinking (Trent, 2005). Different methods of group leading can be used not only in the companies during the project development, but also in sports, families, small business, and in relation to a company’s customers. Effective leadership is one of the important aspects of people’s life that can change not only the fate of the leader, but also the fate of his/her followers.



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