Cathy Horyn in her article talks about fashion of clothing. She therefore uses several textile terms to communicate her views about the fashion of clothing from different perspectives. She says that in the early ‘30s designers had to test new fabrics and expertise before they received satisfying results. A fabric is a textile term meaning any cloth woven or knitted from fibers. Cathy Horyn argues that digital imagery is not able to capture the granular and show-crust texture of a woven tulle skirt that the designers used for jackets and coats at the time. Texture is a textile term used to indicate the surface properties of cloth or fiber as wooly, soft, fine, stiff, coarse, closely or open woven. In addition to make her work more understandable, she talks about Georgina Chapman’s gowns for Marchesa that domineer red carpets, and that she is able to make the most feathery confections and maybe something grander. ‘Something feathery’ is a fiber that is hairy in textile terminology.

Cathy Horyn’s work is connected to knowing the vocabulary of textile terms in that she uses a lot of them. In a practical situation, it is advisable to know the vocabulary of textile terms in order to understand the fashion of clothing in a broader way. ‘Fast fashion’ in an industry has a wider meaning. It is a term used by fashion retailers to signify how fast designs move from exhibition or catwalk to retail stores to capture the existing trends in the market.

To ensure that there is a fast fashion, the greater part of Inditex’s manufacturing takes place in their factories or in the vicinity of the company headquarters. This ensures that the trendiest items are manufactured close to home, nevertheless, so that production process, from start to end, takes about only two to three weeks. Inditex has a higher labor cost because of its greater flexibility and a very fast turnaround speed. This means that if different stores in the world have customers reacting enthusiastically to a certain product, the company can deliver the product in all its stores in three weeks only. Inditex tries to keep the stock fresh making its merchandise move fast. With Zara one may buy clothes now or never because within 11 days the stock will be no more. In summary, Inditex has a fast fashion in that outsourcing of textile, fabricating, move to Zara, and, finally, to consumers who respond quickly is an overall fast process.



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