Gender Codes

Gender codes and roles refer to the standard of behavior and action that are attributed to gender divisions. It refers to the way in which men and women behave, act or what they like as dictated by the social norms and culture. There are various gender codes in our society today. For instance, it is widely believed that it is women’s duty to cook, wash clothes and dishes, clean the house and do ironing. On the contrary, men are seen as the providers of bread for a family. These codes affect us in various ways. For instance, they are the cause of much domestic violence today. The reason is that when ladies, for example request men to do what is culturally considered as their responsibilities, then there might erupt a conflict in the family. They also occasion the male chauvinism because most societies consider men to be superior to women, and it is not until recently when women began being involved in leadership and management positions and prove that they can also perform duties as good as men do.

In the video The Codes of Gender, hut sully explains that the gender roles that exist in our society today are not natural. Owing to the fact that the society has defined these roles as sacrosanct ones which means that what is deemed to be solely women’s behavior or action, the men could do as well. It is the society and our culture that define these roles and codes. It was shown that nature does not dictate separate treatment and action to men and women, whereas it is us who formulate these differences. In fact, it starts from the word go when we are born and we are brought up being brainwashed into perceiving the tasks and roles of women and men.

Washington and Dubois were both against the racial discrimination that existed in the America at the time, but their approaches were different. Washington was conservative and non-aggressive. He urged blacks to acquire vocational training to emancipate them from slavery of illiteracy. Dubois, by contrast, was radical and advocated for civil resistance through nonviolent protest and demonstration. The civil resistance had immediate gains compared to other ways, because it prompted the government to act swiftly and bring to an end the infamous racial segregation and discrimination in the United States of America. Today if the same thing occurs, the protests and demonstrations are still appropriate because they are more visible to the people in authority.



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