Woody Allen - Love and Death 1975 Movie

The movie is a satire of two core players who integrate the themes of governance, military, superstitions and marriage. Two main characters, Boris and Sonja, are comical at time and are bringing in a lot of humorous display, though some of it is complex to crack. The scene revolves around the era of Napoleon. Russian empire is invaded by him, many Russians get into the army in the wake of releasing the country from the hands of the enemies. Boris appears among those who get a chance to be a part of the army. He plans to marry a woman who is egotistical and can wait to settle. However, his plans seem to face the impediment of the wars. Therefore, Sonja comes up with the plan of terminating Napoleon in a conviction to end the wars. Unfortunately, Boris faces execution while Sonja survives.

This movie is coupled with several stylistic devises. Though there are several instances of humor, some of them are too complicated to be cracked by a lay man. One of the critical moments that lingers in most of the readers is the philosophical double talk on the topic of assassinating Napoleon. Boris is convinced by the dream that he will escape but later suffers execution. In addition, the Russian touch and flavor is emphasized by the extent by which the producer employed the closing and opening tunes – Troika.

Involvement of invisible character such as Deathadds the degree of creativity and employment of imaginary. The fighting of the powerful French army to a point of penetrating Moscow elicits emotions of conquer, yet the feelings are short lived. Herring merchant was viewed so vulnerable in cases of army war. “Naturally, the war affects herring industry, the ports are blockaded…” This describes why there is a strong opposition for marrying a herring merchant. The movie themes are well interconnected to bring out an almost real situation in a war zone.



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