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Each day of our life is full of emotions, different experiences and activities. And all these details help us to create a model of our attitude to the world around us. Our perception of social realm depends on our experience. So-called Dimostrazione is a commitment to test knowledge through persistence, experience and readiness to learn from mistakes. This is how life of reasonable individual looks like. This is how Leonardo da Vinci achieved his goals through fails and winnings. Dimostrazione is manifestation of living your life without fear to try. Experience is the best teacher one could ever met.                                                                                          

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Our life is an everlasting process of self- perfection. Every each of us uses preferable tools to make his lifetime more fruitful and happy. One of important aspects of self comprehension is an independent opinion. Opinion is a result of life experience. It is hard to say that experience is totally my own. As it often happens we form our opinions based on experience of others. It is considered one should avoid making mistakes that were previously done. Such position takes away a chance for one to get natural and pure opinion. Some things are evident as a fact. But standing on the way of great accomplishment we should forget about what people say.

I personalize myself as an independent thinker and enough time trying to analyze the matter in question. In addition, I still like to listen to stories about other people and watching their behavior in society. At times it seems that loneliness is the key point of self-knowledge. Sometimes we appear absorbed by the alien opinions and experience. It is wrong when your loneliness pushes you to the apathy. Sometimes it is very important to hesitate in order to formulate your own believes and opinions. However, my believes and opinions appear from my deeds in reality. In other words, my behavior and its results generate my believes and opinions. These aspects can be formulated only with a help of experience, persistence and a willingness to learn from mistakes and winnings.

Certainly we learn from our successes and failures. It is also evident the experience we receive during hard times of our lives is more memorized. Though, as for me, I really try hard to learn from my good times. I deeply and honestly appreciate gifts of success. I try to analyze where and when my winning begins. It means I try to define the moment when I have made my first step to success. At least I have some kind of recipe of getting good result. It is not easy but it inspires a lot. However the most knowledge is carried by mistakes, all the mistakes encourage automatism in my deeds when I face similar problematic aspect.

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The aspect of conventional wisdom and authority is the basic element of creating our personality. I try not to be preoccupied by it. Certainly, an individual interacting with a society should be ruled by principles of morality. On the other side, I try to keep my eyes wide opened not to loose my inner voice. In practice, some of the prescribed dogmas often appeared wrong and ephemeral. At the same time, I can articulate my most fundamental beliefs and reasons. Some of them were transformed. These changes were preconditioned by my own life experience. First of all I do not persevere in the face of obstacles. In the past I had a strong belief that I was controlled by destiny and was susceptible to superstition. My views have changed since then and now I feel myself as an open-minded person.

It would be right to state that intelligence and wise are achieved during ones whole life.  I have some experience such as love, long-term relationships, birth of new family member, choosing my career, loosing close friend and new beginning of life without my parents. Each of these moments was challenging. The most influential one was break up with a close friend of mine. With the help of this experience now I can state that each of us should be ready to let others around us go regardless of the degree of personal closeness.

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The majority of us receive information from the area we live in, from our family and society on the whole by means of communication. Talking about human nature I believe that people’s nature is rather egoistic. Such thoughts are based on the information from the media. At the same time, my political views were influenced by my family.  Religion is a very disputable topic where I support the idea of existence of God.  I formed this idea with a help of both my family and personal experience. I feel comforted knowing that there is somebody who protects us. At school I discovered that mistakes should be corrected. The biggest mistake I did is building my priorities to the prejudice of my close relatives. Now I know that your family cannot betray you, but even close friend is able to do it. Still, I am not afraid to make mistakes trying to avoid ignorance of my previous experience, rather it is a chance to start something from the very beginning. A big role in shaping the way of my thoughts played two videos, shown in the class: "The Last Lecture" and “Who Moved My Cheese"  Both videos were about dreaming and inspiration  showing how important it is to believe in yourself despite anything and promoting success as the result of luck. The hardest thing in this process is to go through fails accepting all as the necessity to achieve success. It is what my New Year resolution is about. Dimostrazione is a chance to get into great accomplishments.

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