9 Job Boards Freelance Writers Should Know

Thousands of people search the Internet every day trying to find a good freelance writing job. Not all are successful in their efforts. Some end up falling victim to low payment, while others fail to find any job at all. What to do to avoid these undesired results.

 Job Boards that Secure the Best Freelance Writing Jobs


 It’s one of the best job boards for bloggers. It is frequently updated and provides good offers on a daily basis. Most of the offered jobs are related to blogging, but you can also find a job for other types of writing markets once in a while. Pay attention to the payment: even though it is mostly good, some people might offer you to work for a very low fee.


This platform is also worth considering. Regular updates ensure the constant workload, and the payment is usually good (it mostly depends on your skills).


This website is one of the best resources for freelance writers. You can find a job here almost anytime you need, since the website is regularly updated. Commonly, the gigs are well-paid, but you should still pay attention.

The Freelance Writer’s Den

This job board is junk-free and has regular updates. You can become the member of this site, which will cost you $25 per month. Joining this site has multiple advantages, including great payment (which can be over $50 per article), as well as recommendations for the improvement of your work process.


It’s one of the most popular freelance writing sites, which also has a job board. You can subscribe to the updates in the Writing Category if you want to. To apply for the available vacancies, you should become a member (fee for that is $7). Mind that the Writing Category is updated not very often.


To find freelance writing jobs here, you may try to search using such keywords as “freelance writer,” “writing,” “copywriting,” and so on. Jobs for freelance writers aren’t added frequently since this job board is mostly used by designers and programmers. However, all offered jobs are of high-quality. Subscription for updates is available.

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This job board is frequently updated and mostly used by professionals. You can find many offers there. If you want to find a more targeted offer, you may search using relevant keywords.

Simply Hired

Check the Writer Category here. Search using writing-related keywords. The majority of the offers comes directly from trustworthy organizations and the payment for them is fair enough.

Flex Jobs

In the Writer Category, you can find multiple offers that are regularly updated. To use the website and apply for jobs, you’ll have to become a member and pay $5 per month.

Use these job boards to your advantage!


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