Gender Equality: A Myth or Sustainable Reality?

Gender equality has existed since the first man appeared on the earth. It is a very complicated topic to study and particular aspects are even more controversial to discuss. Answering whether it is a myth or reality is standing behind a lot of misconceptions; it’s not 100% a myth, yet it’s not reality. Nevertheless, it has entered public awareness, which is basically the first step of becoming reality.

First, we need to understand each side of this diversified and multipurpose problem. Most of people will probably start thinking about economic discrimination and moneymaking potential when touching upon the question of gender equality. Though, it is just the tip of the iceberg. Gender equality contains many different aspects, such as men violence against women, reproductive health inequalities and traditional practices among numerous cultures. Each part has its own significance and awareness levels in society, but together they form a big, solid problem, which requires a lot of efforts to be solved. 

Public awareness definitely starts with learning and understanding numerous assets gender equality may have, besides the fact that it’s an essential human right. Nevertheless, the realization of equality in practice seems to be a quite challenging and versatile task. The establishment of individual respect for women is only a beginning. Changes must hit higher levels of society, policymakers and governments to become evident. Still, some inside problems, for instance, women harassment or disrespect due to cultural traditions may be the most difficult to resolve.

A critical aspect of gender equality was and is the women's empowerment to manage their social lives and ambitions. Most of people think that men and women roles in society are determined by nature, but the reality is that they are determined by society. Some believe that such kind of justice is required by culture or religion; however, we live in the modern society where changes are inevitable.



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