How To Write An Essay About Civil Disobedience

Writing a civil disobedience essay may seem to be a piece of cake, but when you get down to writing you may suddenly realize that it is a huge challenge. Such subjects are usually complex, so you have nothing or too much to say. And this is the main barrier. Before you start, think about a specific theme of an essay: what is the controversy and what questions do you have cover? These sub-topics are respective sections of your paper. Then, collect all legal and ethical insight to assess the phenomenon. Consequently, you need to assess whether the given act of civil disobedience is appropriate legally and ethically, what can be done to address it, and how it should be prevented.  Also, do not forget to include the following:

  • Explain the concept of civil disobedience as such. How is it defined from legal, ethical, philosophic, and cultural perspectives?
  • Indicate the causes. What are the motives to act in such a way? Why people do not obey a common public order? Why such acts are actually important?
  • Speculate about different impacts of civil disobedience: negative and positive. Sometimes, such events brought a real social justice. Provide some examples from the history. 
  • Explain the cases when civil disobedience is acceptable and when it is not.
  • Provide your opinion concerning potential ways to avoid civil disobedience or at least prevent it with minimal harms to the society.
  • What is your personal attitude to acts of civil disobedience?

It is appropriate to make a general commentary on the fact that civil disobedience is not a black-and-white subject. Different cases can be interpreted from various perspectives, but existing legal and ethical norms may outweigh each other, so the final judgment is possible. So, make sure you provide enough evidence to prove your standpoint.



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