Problem of Drinking and Driving

There is no person in the world, who will assure that drunk driving is safe, however the cases of deaths on the road from this reason still present. Moreover, their number counts thousands of lives per year. As a rule, the reasons why people neglect road rules and even do not afraid of high fines are different. If you need to present more detailed information about them, below are a few points which may help you. They can be useful for general knowledge of the problem and for writing an essay on drinking and driving topic.

Slow Reaction

Alcohol influences on humans’ consciousness. A person feels relaxed and full of energy. Thus, has no doubt that he/she will cope with the wheel, but the reaction becomes slower and many incidents with injuries of innocent people happen. The most common are the cases when a drunk driver does not notice walking across the street person or animal and hit them.

Numbness of Senses

Another effect of alcohol on a human body is slowing of cognitive senses. In such case, a drunk driver cannot distinguish near objects from far and vice versa. He/she becomes a blind driver, what often leads to incidents and victims. Moreover, his/her audio skills slow too and he/she is unable to react adequately on somebody’s cry or beeps.


Together with relaxation the feeling of omnipotence rises in a drunk person’s body. It makes the one be sure that there are no police and traffic rules on the roads. People often exceed the speed limit and break road traffic regulations. If police stop drunk drivers at once, it can save lives of many people.


The majority of society consider drunk drivers as potentially dangerous and tries to do everything to prevent they presence on the cities roads. They think that heavy fines are not enough and some of the regular drunk drivers should be put in prison. There is also a small part of inhabitants who take drinking driving as a common mistake and consider that it should be excused for the first time. Anyway, no road regulations and hefty fines cannot eliminate drunk driving practice in full.

Prevention Way

The most effective ways the government has found to struggle with drinking driving are substantial fines and enough policemen number on the road to stop lawbreakers. Parallel with these methods the social advertisement with posts, billboards, and speeches of famous people how dangerous and irresponsible it is to drive when you are drunk should go.

In conclusion, drunk drivers put not only their lives at stake but also lives of innocent people around when they sit to drive under the alcohol effect. Everyone should realize the problem deeper to prevent themselves, friends, and relatives from inconsiderate actions. It is always better to take a taxi after a party or pub.


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