Designing Process


During the designing process investigations are important  in the market and establishing the needs of customers and responses towards different designs that already exist in the market. Investigations also gives the customers a chance to share their views on the improvements they would like to  make in the products to be released on the market. Therefore, an organization is able to identify areas of products that customers are not satisfied with. Thus, take action to ensure that the products have certain features and satisfy customer needs. This helps in customer retention, which is critical to the long term growth of any given organization.  An investigation is also conducted for the purpose of collecting the data of different designs in the market. It enables the designer to come up with a design style that is completely new. Investigations also give the designer a chance to know what materials to include in their new designs and the cost suitable for their designs in the market. They are also able to know the response of customers toward different materials. Investigations enable the designers to realize new opportunities in the market that are yet to be exploited.


Devising is the process through which the product that is being designed and planned  depicts designer’s qualities. Experts usually have the plan of the product they are to make. Through devising designers comprehend the version of the final product they intended to invent. Devising involves a number of steps that experts must incorporate to produce high quality product.


It involves the process of creating the final product.  Production process in design entails a number of stages that must be followed by the designer in order to invent the final product under his or her plan.  The process of production involves total transformation of resources by specialists to manufacture the final product. Value is added to raw materials to improve the quality of the final product. Manufacture of the product also revolves around all marketing activities such as advertising, promotion and distribution of the product developed by the designer.


During the process of designing the product, it is evaluated, thus designers are able to streamline the whole cycle of development of the product. It allows them to introduce their products into the market. There is a range of evaluation that experts should implement in order to enhance good performance. They include pre-production, post purchase evaluation and pre-purchase testing. Evaluation enables the specialists to make reasonable decisions for the business, optimize the chain of supply for the product and make final quality oversight the product in the market. Such actions may also result in competitive advantage among designers in the market. Evaluation in design process ensures the proper considerations of all outcomes when designing the product.

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Summary of the Product

Design and development of the product will be conducted considering all the responses that customers expressed regarding different types of materials. The product will contain several features which are unique comparing to other products that appear in the market. The product will be sold at first on the local market and then spread to other markets. The main target customers are the children and youths. Development of the product will be based on customers demands.  Variety of materials will be used to develop the product design depending on the intended one.

In order for experts to have a clear outlook of the final product proposed, they choose different formats to develop different features of the product. The chosen format depends on the qualities and the plan that specialists had. Every format presented each quality as it was planned, thus making the product appear well-developed. During the production designers refered to the developed product. There was a choice of different fonts depending on the qualities that were intended. The font chosen by the experts depended on the quality. However, specialists used fonts that allowed them to see clearly all the features in the product design. Variation in the use of fonts depended on the size and plan used to develop the product. However, the main font that was used for most qualities of the product was 14 followed by font 16. The designed product exhibited a number of colors. Different features were developed with variety of colors as the plan suggested. The colors used included, white, black, red and brown. The product exhibited white and black color more than any other color. The choice of colors in the process of design for the product also incorporated the opinions collected from the customers during investigation and evaluation processes. The findings showed that significant percentage of customers wanted product in white and black colors. However, a small proportion of customers suggested red and brown for the final product. During the process of development, designers were able to use graphics that presented different qualities of the product. The graphics were chosen depending on the shape, size and appearance of the quality to the customers. The color of the graphics used depended on the color of the features as stated in the product plan. The main reason for the choice of the graphics was to make the product more appealing to the customers. They also enhanced uniqueness in the features of the product, hence the developed product was more attractive to the customers.

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