Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi is the founder of Chardonnay Wine Reserves that has headquarters in Canada. He had a mission-and a vision-to start the first ever larger post- prohibition wine plant in the U.S. This great dream was realized when the wine reserves took shape. The winery produces the best wine brands in the world, making the company to be a global dealer in fine wine (Kip, 2011). Most of its exclusive wines can only be obtained at the winery, making the company extraordinary and unique.

Chardonnay Wine Reserves are perhaps among the best wine dealers in the world. It was founded by the legendary Robert Mondavi. The wine dealer is responsible for wine brands such as the champagne that is known all over the world for its representation of high class. It is associated with celebration especially in sports where the winners and runners-up sprinkle champagne to mark victory. Mondavi wines are preferred in important social events such as weddings and engagements parties. Chardonnay has an assortment of arguably the best wine materials; they are especially known for their unique style of using white grape materials to make their wines and other notable flavors (Robert Mondavi, 2013). They have an immense influence in the best wines in the market such as champagne.

People from all walks of life appreciate and cherish Chardonnay wines. The wines produced are known by names such as “the whites of Burgundy”, “the white Californian wines”, among other distinguishable names. Perhaps this serves to show the appeal and the charm the wines have on consumers. The wines and the wine products are extensively marketed all over the world under different yet popular brands.

Chardonnay wine reserves grow wine trees of various varieties that are used in the manufacture of the wines they produce. In California alone, the wine dealer represents more than half of all planted red and white grapes; imported across a diversity of destinations across the world. Over 100, 000 acres of land are under wine plantation in Canada (Kip, 2011). Of course, the agency has huge tract of land reserves in other countries as well; to ensure that they have constant production; to meet the needs of companies that deal with them. Many great wines are made from red and white grapes. As such, the company guarantees the best quality of wines. It is perhaps the greatest expression of Californian Chardonnay.

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Flavor Description

The pears are ripe; the peach is fresh. The chardonnay is a cocktail of toasted almond. The balance of fruits is superb; the texture and variety used in the final wine product is simply unmatched, making the finishing great. The grapes are harvested during the morning when temperatures are favorable. They are pressed in clusters so as to conserve the vibrant and fruity flavors of the grapes. More than 60% of the juice is fermented using French Oak barrels; the containers are stainless and sparking clean so as to retain the purity and brightness of the fruits (Kip 2011). Partial lactic fermentation is balanced with moderate acidity. Lee yeast is used to speed up fermentation. Bottling takes place in separate plants.

Milestones Undergone

The company has undergone significant milestones since its inception. In 2004, the company was acquired by Constellation Brands in an unprecedented takeover; paid almost US$ 1.36 billion in the controversial acquisition. Mondavi then partnered with his sons and daughter to make a single yet large-production winery (Kip, 2011).

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He donated $10 million to help build the Robert and Margit Center for performing arts in UC Davis. Robert later donated $25 million to start the Mondavi Institute of Wine and Food Science (Kip, 2011). The institution offers courses in wine production and packaging.

The Mondavi Chardonnay has come a long way. The founder experimented with different flavors and tastes until he settled on the best ingredients. In the year 1968, Mondavi came up with oak-aged Sauvignon. This variety was unpopular and was not well received in the market. He later rebranded it, relabeling it ‘Fume Blanc’. This time round, the wine became a success, and became largely acceptable in the U.S.

He later developed a variety of premium wines that greatly appealed to Vintners and Connoisseurs. Mondavi built Mondavi Woodbridge Winery and helped develop it to be a leader of famed premium wines. He partnered with his sons and other businessmen to market the wines and expand in different parts of the world such as India and Canada.  Specialists in wine derived their topics from his immense success in the wine industry. At its inception, Mondavi experimented with grapes from his graveyards. He later acquired huge tracts of land, financing the transactions with savings he had made and loans.

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They sold their first barrel (Robert Mondavi Winery, 2001). The Napa Valley Auction provided the platform for this sale. The money earned was spent of charities, perhaps serving to reinstate the company’s corporate social responsibility.

The company has without doubt grown and expanded due to effective management and strong work ethics that the management enhances. There are well organized departments that deal with issues such as marketing, promotions, benefits for workers among urgent issues that crop from time to time.


The Mondavi Winery Chardonnay Reserve is an example of what good vision and strategic management can achieve. It shows that businesses can grow from scratch if their managers implement workable strategies and engage in promotional activities for their businesses. The company is a leading winery is California and offers a good example for other companies to follow.

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