International Marketing

International marketing is a special set of measures for the sale of goods and services outside of their country (Cateora, 2002). International marketing is the response of the commercial world on such things as the growth and expansion of partnerships in the international market, the increase in production capacity, fast innovation, product variety and frequent changes in the nature and structure of the market demand, its market fluctuations, increased competition, increase and improve quality of information provision.

In the early 80-ies in the world of information technology has occurred a revolutionary event - huge rates of the concept of "personal computer in every home" implementation. At this time the basic standards of communications in telecommunication networks were formed, which are used and perfected till the present day. At the same time to orbit the earth produced a huge number of active satellites, there was a transition to fiber. The cable TV is being developing. Actively develop digital various types of information (text, audio, video). After another decade of laying a foundation of the Internet: http, html and www. All this gave a strong impetus to the development of international marketing (Keillor, 2007).

Today, the use of information resources is an integral part of marketing, including international. Due to scientific and technological progress, expand the capacity to collect and analyze information, significantly increases the possibility of marketing research products, services, markets, and foreign firms. The search for the needed information is being simplified and its timing decreases. The capacity of the mathematical methods for economic analysis is being used more widely (Sinkovics, 2006). All these help to simplify management decisions.

Computerization is a global process that is done through the rapid development of science and technology and prevents to the transition to the new generations of high-tech technologies, systems, techniques and materials and new forms of information exchange (Pagell, 1998). That caused dramatic changes in the structure and nature of the global economic and social development and the underlying definition of a new stage in the development of society - the information society, in which substantial, produce, stockpile, deliver, and consume an enormous amount of information and where it is constantly evolving field of information services.

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Computerization process includes three major areas that show how information influences international marketing:

increases in the economic structure of the share of industries that provide various types of information services;

in the production structure of the economy is growing share of industries, specializing in the production of information technology;

rising costs of firms in the information infrastructure, increasing the level of automation and control.

At present, the developed countries have an intensive and extensive information structure. Society of such countries characterized by a high level of education, knowledge of the cult, the growing number of professionals with a high level of education and professionalism, media development, which increases the value of information management and marketing management within the firm.

The collection, processing and analysis of marketing data are particularly important in the foreign and international activities of the company, the importance of marketing information is growing. Increase the width and length of the flow of information. With the development of the media, telecommunications and transport networks as well and accelerated market changes, which require constant monitoring of market trends and forecasting. However, the burden is growing of sifted, unnecessary and repetitive information (Lamont, 2002).

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Besides the time, the use of information technology is a source of increasing the efficiency of the company and its management that definitely displays the role of IT in the international marketing. This role can be seen in the importance of the IT, because it:

allows getting rapid accurate information about customers, competitors, market conditions and the state of their own company;

ensure effective coordination of the company through audio, visual and textual information (VoIP, video conferencing, e-mail);

allows more effectively cooperate with the customer, regardless of the distance;

frees up time for activities such as analysis, evaluation, interpretation, conclusions, and recommendations.

During the conduction of market research, marketing department is actively using the Internet, having a list of sources of information. Specialized software allows to track which pages are visited most often. By studying the statistics of the site server the information about the geography of users can be got. Properly execute and deliver to the consumer information about the company, as well as facilitating the creation of online communities and improving feedback to significant opportunities information on demographics, income, and consumer behavior. All this gives marketing departments more information about segments of the market and help to create products, interesting specific consumers.

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Collecting information from Internet resources are actively engaged in the specialized companies, as well as the owners of the search engines. Their sites can be a source of information for the marketer. So much value can be sites of government agencies, companies exploring markets, competitor sites, periodicals, research institutions, informal communities of consumers of certain products and others.

With the help of information studies may be carried out not only cabinet, but field studies, organizing interviews, creating questionnaires, conducting interviews on the forums, exploring social networking, communicating with customers via email (Kotler, 2012).

Thus, the modern marketing in general and international marketing in particular is impossible to imagine without the extensive use of information technology.

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