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Question 1. The once-time opportunity for the company is good opportunity for expansion, growth and making higher profit. However, the director of the company should make a research in order to understand how good the product is, what is the target segment of the company, does it fully satisfy the target market and does the product need any improvement, extra futures or perfection creation. It seems that their mission would sounds like “innovative mousetrap for the quick mouse trapping”, however more appropriate mission statement should sound like “quick and safe mice trapping for the most demanding customers”. This mission better applies for the product and concentrates more on the customers’ wants and needs.

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Question 2. The president of the company has determined that women are the target segment of the product. However, it should be noted that not all women are the housewives and they do not concentrate on the problems with rodents and pests. Therefore, the market determined by Martha is too little. The company should evaluate and expand to other market segments in order to make higher profits. The product may be proposed to the environmentalists, people who love animals, families and businesses. All of these segments have great potential and will grow continuously that would be reflected on the profits of the company.

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Question 3. The company has positioned the Trap-Ease as a very innovative high quality and well engineered mousetrap. Awards that were won in trade shows and magazines have proven this. However, larger product demand can be reached by concentrating on the customer’s needs and wants that are satisfied by the product. Therefore, the Trap-Ease can be position as a “mouse friendly” product that can be reused. This would make the product more affordable and better to use for the environmentalists, people who love animals, families with kids. The marketing campaign can be also supported by the companies that provide pests and rodents free services, making their services more environmental friendly and less damaged for animals.

Question 4. The marketing mix concept consists of 4 P’s: product, price, place and promotion. Therefore, the product is a mousetrap, however the range of different mousetraps can be created. It seems that the price strategy for this product would determined by the quality of the product, as it was mentioned before for the set of the mousetraps creation different prices can be used. For the place of product selling was planed to use the stores Kmart and Safeway. However, the TV shows and Internet are also good places to use for distribution. The Trap-Ease product promotion is one of the difficulties that company faced. It seems that it will be highly effective and efficient to make promotion through the Internet, ads on TV, environmental magazines and magazines about house keeping.

Question 5. There are a lot of companies that are going to be competitors of the Trap-Ease. To talk more specifically it may be said that competitors are the companies that produce mouse traps and other devices and poisons for mouse catching. It is needed to note that mouse friendly traps are already existing: d-CON, Havahart, JT Eaton, Riddex and these kinds of mousetraps are offered for the cheap price and the product is highly demanded. In order to survive in such competition the promotion campaign should be highly effective.

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Question 6. The marketing team should pay more attention to the marketing campaign creation, and make SWOT analysis before the product launch. The deep market research should be made in order to understand will the company make profit from such campaign. The team should work on the product differentiation for the different segments, this also would be helpful for the price differentiation. More attention should be also paid to the product promotion, as it should be rather creative in order to attract attention of the target segment.

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