Organizational Culture

Organizational culture portrays the behavior of individuals in a particular organization and the meaning connected to their actions. It encapsulates the organization’s norms, values, visions, working language, symbols, beliefs, and habits. The collective behaviors and suppositions that are taught to new recruits are part of organizational culture. They are enlightened on the different ways of perceiving, thinking, and feeling. Generally, organizational culture influences the way in which people and groups in a firm interact with clients, stakeholders, and their colleagues. Culture is perceived as the rules, beliefs, and procedures that a company creates and follows.

Platinum recruitment services Ltd. is a company that generally deals with recruitment services. Platinum Recruitment Company offers recruitment services for offices that involve professional and management services, education, sales & marketing, industrial & catering, engineering, and information technology. The firm aims at satisfying the requirements of local businesses. It is currently located in Abu Dhabi and it commonly specializes in oilfield recruitment. The company has a mission that propels it to improve its services to human resource departments among other companies. According to its mission statement, Platinum recruitment services Ltd. strives at employing effective recruitment procedures in order to sustain a friendly culture with its clients. Still, the company aims at being the best at offering recruitment services in order to sustain a genuine relationship with their customers, employees, and associates. This is evident in the vision statement that drives the company into improving its reliability. Platinum recruitment services firm is categorized under privatized firms. It has been established for more than a decade and the leaders and the employees within the firm are widely experienced.

Platinum recruitment services Ltd. strive to develop healthy organizational culture for its effectiveness. Healthy organizational culture highly contributes to the organization’s growth, productivity, and efficiency. The company is determined to reduce counterproductive behavior and high turnover of workers. It is significant to comprehend that organizational culture is based on studying people’s behavior within an organization. Platinum recruitment Services Company was developed by Deirdre Sharvin and the employees are highly efficient. The company also highly depends on human beings for productivity. They make the largest percentage of resources in the company. Therefore, they have a great impact on the effectiveness of the company.

Developing a healthy organizational culture within the organization involves accepting and appreciating diversity. Globally, people are commonly defined by several characteristics such as race, language, and religion. Organizations assimilate all kinds of people as employees based on their capability. Therefore, it is important that people in Platinum Recruitment Company should appreciate every individual in order to improve relationships. Healthy relationships within an organization improve the employees` efficiency. Moreover, the leaders in the company should also develop appropriate method of relating with employees. The cultural web illustrates the working system of the organization.

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The artifacts in the Schein’s cultural web portray the visible structures and processes within an organizational culture. These artifacts can be identified by people and they include the furniture, dress codes, art, work climate, organizational cultures, stories and work processes. In an instance, the employees in the Platinum recruitment company have dress codes. Commonly, people from the external environment usually recognize these artifacts and they mostly do not comprehend the reason behind their establishment. The espoused values illustrate the values that are usually promoted by the leaders of a culture. The platinum company holds its values that are highly regarded by the leaders and other members. These values are symbolized by strategies, philosophies, and goals which are realized by the leaders within the culture. These values that are selected and supported by the leaders should be held up by shared and general assumptions. These are assumptions that are based on the way to manage the employees and the way to run the firm. When the espoused values fail to reflect in the general assumptions of the culture there might signal trouble. The assumptions mirror the shared values in the particular culture. The values are usually ill-defined and may not be visible to the people within a culture. Assumptions are commonly taken as thoughts and perception. They are perceived as the crucial sources of values and actions within the firm. Clearly, the espoused values may not originate from the actual values in the culture. Therefore, the distinction amid the espoused values and the actual values may cause frustrations, inefficiency, and limited morale among the employees. Leaders in the platinum organization should understand the cultural entities and learn how to evaluate the connection between deep rooted assumptions and typical business activities.

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Platinum Recruitment Company highly depends on the contribution of every part of the system for its competitiveness. Every member of the organization has a significant role to play in the firm, thus his/her contributions should be respected. When employees’ contributions are respected, they develop the courage and enthusiasm to contribute towards the success of the firm. It is a form of incentive toward the employees. It is clear that communication is vital within an organization. People need to keep on communicating because it is also a significant way of delivering information. For example, employees should be continually reminded of the organization’s policies and other vital issues. The leaders should also communicate with their employees in order to understand their working conditions. These leaders should have a sturdy sense of direction and determination. In reference to the dynamic technological changes, the employees require intense knowledge in order to remain efficient. The platinum Recruitment Company needs to be continually updated in order to survive in the competitive market.

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Adopting performance related cultures has portrayed a significant financial growth in Platinum Recruitment Company. These cultures hold improved internal communications and great employee involvement, accepting healthy levels of risk-taking to attain innovation. Platinum Recruitment Company has a strong organizational culture that illustrate instances where the employees adapt well to the culture. They highly respect the company’s policies and tick to the rules and regulations. In this culture, employees appreciate their jobs and work efficiently. They perceive their tasks and assignments as new learning approaches and try to attain as much as they can. Moreover, employees accept their responsibilities readily. On the other hand, the Platinum Recruitment Company evades weak organizational culture that portrays situations where employees accept responsibilities due to fear. Most of these employees fear their supervisors due to their harsh rules and regulations. Primarily, these employees do not receive satisfaction from their jobs. The company has realized the importance of allowing its employees to derive fulfillment from the job. Most of the employees in these organizations work because they highly need financial support.

Platinum Recruitment Company has a culture that creates an environment that is conducive for all the employees. The culture provides room for growth among the employees. Growth occurs when they learn from their failures and successes. Therefore, it is convenient that the managers recognize their employees` successes. Recognizing their efforts highly motivates them. Still, the managers should recognize employees` failures. They should develop ways of correcting their workers` mistakes. Generally, success of the employees’ performance highly contributes to the companies` productivity. Every organization has a structure that portrays how activities are divided and coordinated.

The organization’s management is usually keen on dividing activities into different jobs, thus creating job specialization. The Platinum Recruitment Company ensures that there is specialization where every individual is responsible of his/her activities. These jobs are usually grouped together in the form of departments. Employees and different groups have people to who they report, because Platinum Recruitment Company has a chain of command (Mawhinney, 2000, p 678). The Company has decision-making executive members who have the authority to make the decisions. Employees and supervisors are governed by the rules and regulations of the organization. Rules and regulations develop formalization within the organization. The culture web of Platinum Recruitment Company describes artifacts such as language, and dressing codes present. Moreover, Platinum Recruitment Company has a bureaucracy that is highly maintained to sustain organizational culture. Bureaucracy illustrates a framework of routine activities attained through specialization, rules and regulations, tasks clustered into departments, centralized authority, spans of control, and chain of command. The organization`s administration controls the direction which the company takes. It experiences weaknesses such as opposition to change, fanatical concern with rules and regulations, and lack of employee diplomacy to handle problems.

On the other hand, the assessment of administration within Platinum Recruitment Company shows that bureaucracy holds various strengths. It has efficient communication channels, centralized decision making, and limited replication of personnel and equipment. In the organization, the power culture governs the control aspect. In the control department, there are leaders who are responsible for decision making. Generally, decision making within the organization illustrates the power culture. There is a healthy power culture where the leaders sustain communication with the employees. They highly avoid de-motivating the employees making them feel undervalued. Therefore, the Company rarely experiences employee turn over. The functions in Platinum Recruitment Company has a role culture that specifies facilitates the division of roles.

The fact that employees focus on a particular function defined by their job description elevates the productivity of the organization. The role culture is vital in large companies due to organization. The role culture shows that every member of the company has an assigned role. Still, people also work in groups within the company to accomplish a particular task. Team work is vital in maintaining the company’s productivity. Platinum Recruitment organization has developed a forward looking culture that portrays entrepreneurial spirit and the will to embrace changes in the market. It creates a culture of listening to their employees and clients.

Developing a healthy organizational culture is exceptional and it has continually proved that it is essential for the firm`s excellence. Platinum Recruitment organization ensures that it offers a culture that is suitable for its employees. The organization has developed a culture of rewarding the employees to motivate, them while others criticize them openly.

In Platinum Recruitment Company the organizational culture caters for the structure of the organization. The structure of a company is very significant for the organization. The behavior of people in an organization illustrates the organizational culture. The company`s management develops the culture of the company. Therefore, the employees are introduced to the ways of behavior in the company. They are governed by the rules and regulations of the company.

In Platinum Recruitment Company the employees` motivation is very significant. Motivation is a factor that illustrates an individual’s persistence of attaining a particular goal. It sustains their morale thus boosting their efficiency. The organizational culture determines the employees` motivation. How does the firm compel their employees into highly contributing towards the productivity of the firm? The productivity of Platinum Recruitment Company depends on its employees` efficiency. Organizational culture also determines the fulfillment that the employees derive from their jobs. Platinum Recruitment Company is not concerned with their productivity but also with the employees` wellbeing. It offers medical leaves to its employees without penalizing them. Platinum Recruitment Company has management sections that cater for the administrative activities. Organizational culture controls the formation and development of the organization’s management.

Still, organizational culture can be a barrier to motivation. Some companies have extensive rules and regulations that could easily demoralize the employees. Still, certain firms have not developed the culture rewarding their employees for their efforts. They believe that criticizing their employees will help improve their performance. Culture can be an obstacle to diversity. Diversity may refer to differences in race, age, gender, sexual orientation, and religious differences. Organizations should realize the importance of diversity. Successful companies that have a long history of a developed organizational culture do not realize the need of diversity. The upper management does not realize the impact of a diverse workforce. If the executive management of these organizations could realize the importance of diversity, it can develop strategies to elevate it in the workplace.

Organizational culture is also a barrier to the merger and acquisition. Commonly, when two different organizations meet for business purposes a cultural clash occurs. Mergers do not fail due to analysis that show incorrect financial benefits but because of irreconcilable cultures. Incompatible cultures make the employees disassociate themselves with the company. In such a situation, business cannot be effective to either of the firms. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize the cultures in different companies to ensure that they are compatible. Corporate cultures can be transmitted to the recruits in various ways such as training, socialization, rewards and appraisal systems, organizational structure, communication patterns, and corporate dress. Transmission of corporate culture to the employees is vital because they quickly adapt to the norms of the organization. Organizations employ new people in order to elevate company`s productivity.

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