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Fashion Blogging

There is always a natural social reaction on the aspect of fashion. The various sectors of the economy that particularly deal with sectors involving art and design always endeavor to be more competitive. It is possible through the introduction of new and varying fashions in the market. The development and growth of the internet have major implications on fashion. Online social media and the self-publishing sites have a great impact on the fashion sector. The rise of fashion blogging plays a major role in democratizing this industry. Fashion bloggers hold sways both offline and online. They appear on big brand campaigns, as well as among trendsetters, and celebrities.

Blogs are very vital in the engagement of human transactions and often has a significant impact on the performance of business and non-business activities. People engage in knowledge sharing, debate, and reflection by making use of blogs. Blogs are the important component in the field of technology and internet. They provide readers with access to unedited expression, connection, and reaction without censorship of chat rooms that are mediated or formal outlets of media. The simplicity in the maintenance and creation of blogs provides an avenue for an immediate and responsive means of interaction among the internet users. Blogs promote the community growth and collaborative dynamics within the society. The application of blogs in various fields perpetuates the existence of autonomy and offers a forum for interaction.


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Fashion blogs represent an interaction in the online practices between offline consumers and the ideal self. They are places where people engage in online discussion and deliberate on issues of the fashion industry. They are the deal places for presenting several aspects and issues that arise in the fashion industry. This site provides a platform for the ordinary citizens to air their views and a chance to express what they like and what they don’t. Fashion blogging is a phenomenon that is emerging and is relevant in the discussion of identities.

Blogging involves the practice of sharing information by way of making postings into the website. The discussions undertaken by fashion bloggers involve matters of style and fashion that are often regarded as visual expression of the identity of an entity. The concern over fashion blogging is based on accessories and clothing from large retailers to individual designers. The various perspectives on fashion offered come from both within and out of the industry. These perspectives of fashion blogging may be different perspective of mainstream fashion media. Different fashion blogs make use of varied fashion and style, and their cost is based on these aspects. The use of fashion blogs indicates the presence of industrial interdependence. In the online context, there is an increased opportunity for the platform of consumer representation. Fashion blogs are important due to the enlarging industry of fashion and styles that necessitate a platform where these aspects are shared.

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The emergence of social media has vital contribution to the growth of the fashion industry. Most bloggers have resulted in the use of social sites in marketing of their products. This is because social sites attract large following, and thus, fashion bloggers are able to reach many readers through these sites. The objective of the fashion blog is to reach many people to acquire a wider consumption. The advancement in technology is, therefore, a vital aspect in the growth of fashion blogs. The technological advancement provides the bloggers and the readers with an opportunity to interact and share information regarding fashion blogging.

Information Background

Setting of fashion trends in the past used to be a business of the elites. Fashion editors, designers, and buyers were the sole determinants of what is emerging in the fashion industry. This period is long gone due to the introduction and advancement of technology. Fashion executives are developing interests in the use of the internet in this business industry, and the views of consumers are no longer ignored. The public at large is making its contribution to the issue of fashion by using the internet. There exist many blogging sites in the fashion industry with many people accessing these sites. An average of 100,000 hits per day is observed in these blog sites indicating the extent that these blog sites are used. Several blog site writers have received accreditation at major fashion shows for exemplary performance. Sites like, Coutorture, Face Hunter, and have produced competent writers in the fashion blogging industry. It indicates the increasing growth of bloggers and particularly in the fashion industry.

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Fashion blogging is a phenomenon that is emerging, and the fashion industry is engaging to cope up with this advancement in technology. There are thousands of blogs in the fashion industry all over the world. Some of the sites in fashion blogging are turning their focus to the business side of the industry, for instance, Maintenance of these blogs is left at the hands of professional consumers who engage to impact some control on the sites. These emerging sites provide a medium of engaging each other through the promotion and sale of fashion brands. The application of blogs in the fashion industry produces very appealing results in the market. They offer a quick response in regard to brands and new collections by the designer, thus providing the up to date development for the consumers. is one of the fashion blogs that ensures up to date information is released to the consumers (Hoover 2010). Blogs are more advantageous than the traditional media due to the fact that it offers timely information to consumers. The traditional media takes a lot of time in the compilation process, and by the time magazines are released, the trend may have been overtaken by time. It is an indication of the unreliability of the traditional media in the fashion industry given the changing trends and advancement in technology.

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Other blog sites offer a commentary option in regard to the fashion trends. is one of the sites that offer this service, and it helps consumers to see how their real life can be translated from runways by the use of fashion. This platform also provides users with a possibility of engaging in sharing of opportunity by giving their own opinions through the site.

The number of fashion bloggers has been increasing over the past years. It has been accompanied by increasing numbers of blog readers. Swedish top fashion bloggers have been experiencing many visits per week. This indicates the effectiveness of these sites in reaching out to consumers and readers. The increasing fashion bloggers create competition within the industry. This implies that advertising of products and brands will be on a competitive basis. It will result in bloggers posting quality and up to date information to ensure they maintain consumers’ confidence in their performance. Bloggers achieve this by making use of certain practices to keep their consumers updated. The practices employed by various bloggers influence the performance of that site.

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Problem Statement

The advancement in technology has caused various changes in the fashion industry. Marketing and selling of the fashion products including brands and collections are enhanced through the use of the internet. The emergence of blogging has changed the way the industry operates. Designers and consumers in this industry engage each other through the fashion blogs. These sites enable the viewers to share their views in regard to the designs and brands in the industry. The effectiveness of these sites is highly appreciated in the field of business; thus, the reason as to why many of these fashion bloggers have diversified their operations to include sales and marketing of their products. There exist various implications on the application of fashion blogging in the fashion industry. These implications are the major concern of this study. The existence of challenges in this technology deters the effective performance of this industry, and hence, addressing these challenges can help improve the efficiency of these sites.

Research Objectives

  1. To establish the implications of fashion blogging in the fashion industry.
  2. To determine the challenges encountered in fashion blogging.
  3. To find out the application of fashion blogging in the business industry.

Research Questions

  1. What are the implications of fashion blogging in the fashion industry?

  2. What are the challenges encountered in the fashion blogging industry?

  3. How is fashion blogging applicable to the field of business?

Justification of the Study

Undertaking this study is essential, especially in the digital world. All aspects of operations in various fields have been enhanced through the application of technology. Individuals and business entities engage each other in their operations via technologies through the use of the internet. Every organization and institution is making use of technologies in delivering of services. The experts in the information technology continue developing new aspects of technology that make service delivery even easier. The application of modern technologies has increased the effectiveness and efficiency of operations in various sectors.

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Modern technologies, however, carry certain risks and threats that act as a hindrance to the effective performance of organizations and institutions. This study is essential since it provides an insight on the role of fashion blogging in the fashion industry. The study also provides measures to solve the challenges incurred in fashion blogging. This study, thus, offers an insight in regard to the operations of the fashion industry.

Significance of the Study

The study is relevant in the context of the operations of the fashion industry. The insight given to fashion designers and consumers into the application of technology is essential. It enables the players in the industry to develop strategies and policies that will improve efficiency in the operations of the industry. The insight given in regard to the challenges faced in this industry that plays a crucial role in enabling the fashion bloggers to diversify their operations over the business aspect of the operations.

This study is also useful to researchers and scholars in this field of study since it provides the relevant information that may be required. In this regard, it acts as a secondary source of information to researchers. The study is relevant to the designers of fashion blogs since the information given can improve the performance of the blogs. The study is, therefore, significant to a range of uses.

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This chapter of the dissertation gives an overview of the literature that has been presented in regard to this topic. The various issues done by other researchers will form the basis of this dissertation. The purpose of the literature review is to identify what the others have done in this field of study. It provides an opportunity for this research to explore new concepts in this study or add information to the already existing ones.

Implications of Fashion Bloggers

Fashion bloggers are becoming regular and are taking the leading role in the fashion industry. This is an indication that fashion designers are acknowledging the power wielded by these bloggers. Companies, on the other hand, have been quick to offer their products free of charge to bloggers in the hope that their brand experiences will be shared with the readers. Fashion bloggers have a lot of implications on the behaviors and attitudes of the readers who, to a greater extent, influence fashion trend adoption. The advancement in digital technology allows for interaction and connection of consumers through the internet. This platform has also enabled consumers to share their opinion and feelings regarding organization and products. Unlike the traditional word of mouth networking and socializing, blogs reach out to a wider range of people in the economy. Blogs contain the information that has been generated by an individual rather than an organization. Fashion bloggers make use of the electronic word of mouth in discussion and sharing of information. This enables individuals to air their opinion on companies and brands to their readers. This new power found in the fashion industry enables consumers to either break or build a brand. The application of electronic word of mouth has little biasness as compared to the traditional means of information sharing. This can be attributed to the strengths of blogs. Blogs have the capability of connecting people with the same interests via the internet. This allows bloggers in the fashion industry to easily engage each other and connect to the brands they seek. It provides a platform for the bloggers to engage each other. It is the interactive element of blogs since it possesses high experience in the sector of electronic sharing of information.

Presence of Products and Brands

Social institutions have expressed widespread nature and the market that fashion bloggers identified as leading take part in. The commercial sector in its operation also engages in the market of fashion bloggers. The nature of blogs has been private operations, and it serves as a major factor in contributing to the leading role of the fashion blogger group. Most of the blog post widely describes personal and private lives of these bloggers. However, the market that these individuals engage in the business of fashion blogging exhibits aspects of commercial contexts. The ecommerce actors who specialize in providing fashion and the fashion brands have high engagement in this market of fashion blogging. Most of the bloggers start as private operators and slowly graduates as their readership in the market increases. The increase in the readership is as a result of the increased convincing power of the blogs and the capability of the bloggers to reach out to many consumers. There has been sequential development in the field of blogosphere. The emergence of the market leading bloggers has been as a result of consistent appeal to consumers and the power to convince consumers. Most of these bloggers have graduated from being private operators or just consumers of fashion, and they have started operating as entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs denote their point of departure on the aspect of blog use. A blog platform group has undergone the transition from being periphery actors to dominant actors within the field of an organization. It seems to exhibit similar characteristics with the fashion bloggers development. However, bloggers are distinguished from the blog platform group due to their initial nature of existence. Bloggers have managed to remain stead fast in their practice of operations. The sharing of information by these bloggers and the speed, at which it occurs, helps in moving forward and increasing functionality of blogs. The profits made by bloggers and their influence both within and outside the organization helps in propagating the role played by bloggers.

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The several fashion brands provided by bloggers help in attracting attention of many organizations and institutions. These organizations and institutions seek the services of fashion bloggers to ensure that their product and services are more appealing to the public, and they get to many people within the market. Intermediaries in the aspect of advertising companies are becoming more successful in attracting various investments that contribute to enhancement of market communication. The fact that most bloggers have successfully managed to start their own companies is an indication that the development in this sector is yielding positive results. It is an indication that these blogs have a positive contribution to the commercial sector and to the performance of the industry. Regardless of the commercial collaborations blogs have their application in the aspect of marketing channel. This is also influenced by the way products and brands are exposed to consumers and public at large.

Fashion bloggers do not act as a passive group who are trying to identify their position in the organization field. However, several bloggers exhibit traits and behaviors that are closely related to the institutional entrepreneurs. This aspect has also been exhibited in the blog platforms. Fashion bloggers have contributed to the promotion and creation of institutional arrangements that did not exist initially. This is attributed to the role fashion bloggers play in the organizational field. They have changed relationship power within the field, and they have played the role of institutional entrepreneurs.

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The fashion industry enjoys the presence of several fashion brands, and hence, there is much contribution to the development of this industry. The existence of several brands is an indication of the wider market that blogs can reach. The several brands existence in the industry ensures that varied needs and tastes of consumers are taken care of, and hence, marketability of the industry performs well. Leading companies in the advertisement sector have been targeting the blogosphere. This is an expression that fashion brands are targeting the use of blogosphere in their marketing strategies. The leading companies are able to market their products and brands by making use of conventional advertising and products that fashion bloggers produce. This argument cements the fact that various fashion bloggers that are leading in the market can never be considered as private individuals. These fashion bloggers should be considered as entrepreneurial actors who understand their blogging practices values. The nature of blogosphere has also been changing in the aspect competition and collaboration. It is attributable to the way fashion bloggers act as entrepreneurs.

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The changing nature of technology results in the diversity in the use of it. Bloggers in this aspect interact and engage each other, hence improving cohesiveness. It indicates the collaboration between different bloggers within the varied blog categories. There have been incidences of fashion bloggers leaving blog platforms to form their own blog network. The blogs formed in this manner also attract a large following, hence consolidating the collaboration of bloggers and acceptance of varied products and brands. The interaction and interrelation of fashion bloggers is an important aspect in the market industry. Fashion bloggers have several practices within the fashion industry and present and diverse nature of the entrepreneurial services.



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