There are different phases that one can adhere to when solving a problem creatively. These phases include explorer, artist, judge, and warrior stages. The explorer phase entails finding necessary data and information about the problem. The second phase called the artist phase normally involves brainstorming a long list of possible solutions to the problem. Evaluation of solutions and picking of the best one represent the third phase, which is referred to as the judgment phase. The last, but not least is the warrior phase. This phase involves implementation of the idea or its sale to others often called the money people. These are people who are going to buy the idea, i.e. these are investors (Treffinger, Isaksen, & Stead-Dorval, 2005).

Explorer Phase

Mobile money transfer is currently the in-thing of the technological advancement of banks. Success of mobile money transfer and hence mobile banking will see many economies growing to become large scale. This is because the flow of money in the economy would be high. This will in turn lead to a rise in the exchange of goods and services. Mobile money transfer entails sending and receiving money through an application on a mobile phone. With the current advancement in the use of smart phones, applications for mobile money transfer have also increased in amount. Although this is a large advancement in technology in the banking sector, a number of problems are still faced in the process of its implementation. These problems include a threat posed by hackers. They can easily maneuver their way into a network and either corrupt the data or change destination of an intended money transfer. Some of these mobile money transfer applications do not have security passwords that make the banking information secure. Besides, when a password is stored carelessly, a malicious person may decide to transfer the amount to another account. This service is only available in areas that have mobile network coverage. This means that banks have to rely on mobile service providers for this service. Hence, they will incur a charge imposed on the service. Negligence on the part of a client may result in sending money to an unintended recipient. This will make clients lose finance probably meant for business.

Artist Phase

Several steps can be taken towards making the mobile money transfer application safer for both banks and consumers of this excellent product. For example, designers of the application should work extra hard for making the application safer. Necessary security measures should be used in the line of code. Banks should work closely with mobile network service providers to ensure building of more network boosters. This will ensure that the network coverage is expanded to cover and support more customers so that the network is not jammed. User education should be done on the use of the application in a safer and user-friendly way. Designers should give necessary information on the safe use of the product to banks that will in turn pass this information to clients. This will also help to curb negligence on the part of consumers.

Judgment Phase

Addition of code lines will make the application safer. Expansion of the network will ensure that users are supported more. Hence, this will enhance business carried out and it will contribute positively to the growth of the economy. User education will also help in making clients use the application appropriately. Among these solutions, design of the application with the security aspect in mind is important. However, it is also crucial for users to be advised to keep security details private and away from the reach of unauthorized people.

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Warrior Phase

This application is fundamental for the banking industry. It will reduce the number of clients visiting a particular branch as more transactions would be carried out in the comfort of client’s home. This application can also be used by supermarkets and other retail stores to simplify payments for goods and services.

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