Ethical Dimensions of Research Studies

Informatics lays most of its focus on information and communication. IT in the health sector has been credited for enhancing data recording, measuring care and also in the delivery of care (ANA, 2008). One of the main areas that have great potential in informatics is documentation. The American Nurses Association (2008) has credited informatics for the enhancement of effective communication. In particular, they have assisted in speeding up and developing timeless and accurate means of writing patients’ charts as they are the main means of communication. Intertwined to this factor is its role in research and evidence collection. From previous experience, informatics has played a major role in the development of research and evidence collection due to the automation of the process as well as the overall development of the same (Ball & Hannah, 2011).

Amongst the TIGER initiative recommendation, the basic computer competency that I require to make improvements in is the use of using computer and managing files. This is because the management of files and or information is vital as it serves as an education hub where one can always go back to, retrieve data from past incidences and resolve a problem (The TIGER Initiative, 2009). Through experience, I have realized that the identification of information is one of the most important skills that need to be explored in the application of information literacy competencies. This is because without identifying such information is the beginning of the rest of the steps. Health information system skills are also vital. This is because the skills would equip a nurse with standardized terminology that is vital in their practice across the globe. To be noted is that medical terminologies are global and due to the high medical dynamics, new terminologies emerge thus requiring refresher courses on emerging terminologies.

In conclusion as earlier noted, documentation is one of the most vital sectors in informatics developments. Through my medical experiences, I have learnt that documentation has gone beyond facilitating patients’ care, but it has also led to the development of vital checks and balances in service delivery. Computer competency and information literacy competencies are thus very important for this to be achieved as they are integral in the manifestation and development of the efficient documentation systems.



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