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World-wide known sports brand Nike faces new problems with their brand ambassador. After the failures with Lance and Tiger Woods, Oscar Pistorius stroke a blow to company’s reputation. The pause in advertisement politics of Nike looks possible in the digital age.

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The hero of the last Olympic Games, as well as Paralympics, was arrested and charged with the murder. According to the charge Oscar Pistorius killed his girlfriend Reeva Steencamp in the South African Republic, where they used to live.

Unfortunately, it is not the first scandal with Mr. Pistorius starred. His participation in the 2012 Olympic Games was criticized by his competitors. Sportsmen argue that use of carbon-fiber prosthetic blades was an advantage for him but Oscar managed to solve this problem. Despite this success, most probably he won’t be able to show his innocence in the case with his girlfriend’s murder. Thus, Nike will face some problems – private squabbling of sportsman is not his own since he is ambassador of the world’s most successful brand engaged in sport.

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Nike has a big experience in failures with known sportsmen. Lance Armstrong admitted that he was doping through years of his career. Tiger Woods, golf star, injured Nike’s reputation by his lecherous infidelity. The media spread all the necessary details as soon as possible.

Despite mentioning of the endorsement of the Nike as brand by these people, Buzzfeed argued that all of them were products of the brand’s legend-making machine. Thus it is bilateral damage to reputation.

Nike secured itself last week by suspending an advertisement agreement with Pistorius. Mr. Pistorius also was finished out with the other deals, for example with French cosmetics company Clarins.

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Unfortunately for the brand, it is not enough for today – digital age day. In any case such steps can not erase company connection with the disgraced person.

The slogan of Pistorius advertisement concerning his role of bullet provides topics for unceasing discussion in the Internet as well as photoshopped leg-pulls concerning ad “Just do it”.

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