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The large number of Wi-Fi zones is a very good source of unimpeded access to the network outside the home or office. However, everyone should pay attention to the protection of the information that is stored on the computer due to the threat of outside interference (Minoli, 2003). The risk of penetration of outsiders would be significantly lower if one followed some crucial rules.

Wi-Fi technology plays an important role in people's lives, contributing to the rapid communication and transmission of different information. It allows people to tune in to a radio wave, and provide high-speed connectivity between computers, printers, game consoles. Many cafes, clubs, restaurants and other public places have the hot spots. Their visitors are heavily using these Wi-Fi zones. To prevent unauthorized access to personal information stored on the personal computer, the network access via Wi-Fi should observe certain precautions (Cache, 2007).

First, an automatic connection to a newly detected network should be used very carefully, and the list of networks that are surely secure should be created. In order to determine through which channel the flow of information is going, the manual network setup should be used. Second, to ensure the safety of the personal data on the computer during the wireless network usage, the certification program wireless services WPA2 should be installed. If the network disabled encryption program WPA2, then the important information should not go through it and payments should not be made (Geier, 2007). Of course, it is not certain that the WPA cipher is not broken, but together with other measures of data protection, it is very effective. The last but not the least important rule is connected to the specific antivirus program usage. Therefore, the firewall can give reliable protection against the penetration of the computer malware.

It is a foregone conclusion that in order to preserve the security of personal information and personal data, Wi-Fi users must always be on guard, because IT security is vulnerable to thieves’ attacks.



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