The Impact of Color on Marketing

In this research, the authors were trying to assess the effect of color on the various aspects of life. Apart from sales and marketing of a product the authors analyzed the influence on people’s choice on various fields. They analyzed the relationship between color and the emotional situations of people. They found out that there are those colors which are perceived happy color across the genders. These were yellow, orange and blue. They also assessed the relationship between color and gender, finding that men appreciated white, black and grey more than women who felt more attracted to blue and red. Apart from the above, they assessed the effect of color on marketing, emphasizing on restaurant colors, trends, waiting time as well as brands.

Purpose of the Research

The researchers wanted to know the interrelation of color with the aspects of sales and marketing to see how businesses can adjust this to enable their market strategy and increase their odds in the market.


They noted that in restaurants, red color was preferred since it seems to be appetite appealing and a positive effect to people’s metabolism. This explained why many joints, especially fast foods embraced this color. They also found out that bigger hotels prefer use of a yellow background since it had the attention factor over the red color. It seemed to catch the attention of customers more quickly hence increasing the sales of the hotels. Blue was associated with formal hotels since it spread an aura of calm. This calm was linked to sales in that the more they stay, the more they are likely to spend money in the hotels.

On time and colors they also noted that the casinos take advantage of this principle to hold customers in and have them spend a lot of money. They found out that while red makes things look bigger and therefore a sluggish pace of time, blue made time seem to pass faster and making things look smaller

On time and trend they noted that in the marketing industries, there are color consultants who carry out short and long term color forecast. They use this information to advice the manufacturers on consumers’ likely preference of color at a particular time. Using this information, the manufacturers produce commodities based on the color forecast or design the packaging in conformity with the predictions.

On color and brands they established that producers use different colors on their products in order to invoke the intended feeling and emotions in the buyer. This prompts quick purchase of the product more than the written or imagery work of the companies.

Application to Visual Merchandisers

Visual merchandisers may use this technique to dictate the demand of their products by attracting the attention of the buyers and distracting them from other competitors. For instance, in kids’ toy store, it will be more attractive if the seller used bright and eye catching colors usually associated with kids. These are like pink, yellow, light blue and light green. Men, who seem to shun bright colors, can be enticed to buying by having dark colored products, for example a metallic black car

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Developing a Sales Merchandise Plan

If I was to write a sales development plan, I would relate color to my type of target market since color preferences is different across the age groups. Secondly I would consider the gender of my target market because the color appreciation of males is generally different from that of females. I would also take into consideration of the type of commodity I am producing since some commodities like cars are more appealing with dark colors than bright colors.

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