Professional Development Plan

Part 1: Professional Goals

Professional Introduction

My professional goal is to become a knowledgeable and accomplished licensed counselor capable of handling different mental health related problems ranging from stress, depression, drug and substance abuse victims, and addicts, and any other trauma-related cases. In order to receive a certification from the National Board for Certified Counselors (NBCC) or the Commission on Rehabilitation Counselor Certification (CRCC) that proves the qualification and experience to treat patients, I intend to take the North Carolina jurisprudence exams and meet all the requirements as set by North Carolina State. Further, after completion of the advanced degree in counseling, my goal is to undertake counseling course at post graduate levels to enhance my competence. For the last one year, I have been engaged as an intern counselor in NC attached to an accomplished professor in counseling in a hospital. This experience is ideal for my future work.

Professional and Academic Background

My passion for counseling career began immediately after I left high school. Presently, I hold a diploma in counseling from Walden University where I chose to take a degree program. Having that I have not been certified to practice as a licensed counselor, I have only worked as an intern in NC hospital for one year, where I have acquired the experience on how to handle different counseling cases.

Goal Statements and Their Relation to Academic Research

My goal is to be a knowledgeable and accomplished professional and licensed counselor capable of handling different mental health related problems.  At Walden, I have successfully accomplished the training on handling stress, depression, and drug and substance abuse victims; and with the internship experiences, the acquired knowledge will wholesomely contribute to the overall professional goals. To further cement this knowledge and experience, the intended research will be on the role of professional counseling in treating stressed, depressed, and drugs and substance abuse addicts.

Reflection of Walden's Mission Statement

Walden’s mission statement is to produce diverse career professionals who can transform themselves as scholar-practitioners with ability to impart positive social change (, 2014).  This mission accurately corresponds to my professional goal of being a knowledgeable and accomplished licensed practitioner in counseling patients suffering from mental health related problems, like stress and depression. For instance, Walden’s mission states in part that it endeavors to produce career professionals who can “transform themselves as scholar-practitioners”. Scholar-practitioner points to the qualification and professionalism in being a practitioner in counseling.

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Attainment of the Advanced Degree Related to Goals

An advanced degree in counseling from Walden University will sufficiently impart the qualification required to practice as a licensed counselor. This passion for counseling was nurtured after seeing my mother die from depression and my only brother getting in hard drug addiction after our father who was the only breadwinner died in a road accident, and we could barely raise food and pay our house rent. As a result, my mother went into depression and without money to visit a professional, her condition deteriorated until death. My drive is to help others undergoing the same mental health illnesses out of the conditions and to give back to the society and create social change.

Part 2: Educational Background and Research Proficiency

As indicated in part one, my academic qualification related to my professional goal includes the following.

Diploma in Counseling

This level majorly taught the causes and types of mental health issues faced by different people in the society and the procedures to be followed to treat the sick. The content included treating stressed people, depressed drug addicts, and traumatized members of the society as a result of social ills like rape, divorce, and neglect.

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I underwent a one-year experience as an intern when I was attached to a hospital in NC.  My duty involved preparation of the counseling sessions, preparing counseling records and reports, and following up on how patients were faring after the counseling sessions. My duty also involved scheduling counseling sessions between the professor and clients. In a number of occasions and with consent of the patients, I would passively remain in the counseling only to understand the art of counseling.

Academic Coursework in other Fields

At Walden, I have successfully accomplished training on handling stress, depression, and drug and substance abuse victims. The core coursework covered to that guarantees the competency including

  • A course in professional law and ethics in counseling
  • Research methods in counseling
  • Multicultural counseling
  • Assessment techniques in counseling
  • Evidence-based theories and techniques in counseling.

Professional Presentations, Seminars, and Training

In all the coursework courses listed above, there was either a group or individual presentation of a term paper. I also attended a free seminar organized by the University alumni titled ‘the place of mental health counseling on society development’. This seminar added more value to my professional endeavors.

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Volunteer Work

During the last summer holiday, I joined the counseling students’ union and was in collaboration with Michael’s House (a drug rehabilitation center to offer counseling support to the drug addicts along the streets around the regions). This engagement allowed me meet my objective of making a difference in the society.


Part one and two of this plan have outlined my professional goals of being a licensed counselor and have outlined educational background and research proficiency. 

Part 3: Plan of Study and Program of Study Form

Overall Learning Goals

My aim is to become a knowledgeable and skilled counselor capable of handling different mental health related problems ranging from stress, depression, drug and substance abuse victims, family-related counseling, and any form of trauma. My plan is to take all the core units for counseling course in Walden and additional electives in a wider scope.

Description of Coursework

The course work I intend to cover includes the following: addictions counseling that will help impart the skill of how to handle drug addicts and substance abusers; introduction to family counseling to enable me effectively handle family-related mental health problems; risk assessment and trauma intervention in CMHC to impart skills on how to deal with clients facing diverse trauma.



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