Question about Geography


Cultural landscape

The Cultural landscape is a physical region that includes both ethnic and natural assets and the wildlife or domestic animals. All the elements that exist in the geographical area get associated with a historical event, action or reveal other traditional values. The examples include ancient villages of northern Syria and Bamiyan valley.

Hydraulic society

Hydraulic society is a communal order founded on the rigorous manipulation of water and its yields in a dry setting. Hydraulic societies described the irrigated communities of the Modern West. It created a way for farming and a huge demographic move to the West. Ancient Egypt, ancient Somalia and Mesopotamia are some of the historical hydraulic societies.


The Hutongs are prehistoric alleys or paths shaped amid the lines of yard houses. Sixty years ago most of Beijing was filled with Hutongs and courtyards. Mao'er Hutong is also an example of Hutong built for thirty years.

Tofu construction

Tofu constructions are structurally unsound buildings. They mostly get associated with wiggling chunks of soft tofu. They may collapse upon the least provocation. From the outside, the tofu buildings look flawlessly safe, particularly to the unpremeditated eye. They have all the parts one would imagine in a construction. The inside is usually made in a way to look safe. Examples include the building in the Guangxi Zhuang region that collapsed in 2011 and the bridge in Harbin that collapsed in 2012.


Kumara denotes young unmarried girls. It is the tradition of adoring young pre-pubescent lassies as the appearance of the heavenly feminine vigor in Hindu religious ethnicities. There are numerous kumaris throughout Nepal. They include the Royal Kumara of Kathmandu and Hira Maiya Shakya.

Mani Wall

A Mani wall is a wall made of Mani stones. The rows of piled up stones etched or tinted with Tibetan Buddhism proverbs make up the walls. The stone construction is a compiling of imprinted stone tablets. According to Buddhist principle, the wall should be curved from the left side clockwise, the same direction that the globe and the earth revolve. Examples of the walls are in Tibet and Nepali areas of the Himalayas.


A Sadhu is a religious enthusiast who travels around living a simple lifestyle and practicing self-denial to focus more on divine practice. A good example is a yogi and Okada.


Chorten is a pyramidal edifice of solid stone masonry that relates to the Indian stupa. It originally contained relics. They were the monuments in memory of Buddha and the symbols of the Buddhist canon. There are several types of stupas that memorialize an imperative event in Buddha’s lifetime. Examples include the stupa of illumination and the stupa of many favorable doors.

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Traded Commodities

The commodities that were traded through upper mustangwere herbs and spices. Agricultural products trade was also an important part of economic activities.


Agglomeration refers to the spectacle of firms located close to one another. The original theory states that productions and resources can have an advantage when located close to one another. Examples include car dealership.

Grid Pattern in Cities

Grid pattern in cities is the construction arranged and planned at right angles. The concept was established with an aim to form save and comfortable urban space. The patterns mostly appear throughout North America.

Geographic Diffusion

Geographic diffusion is the amalgamation of different culture regions. The commonly accepted geographic territories include Anglo-American and sub-Saharan Africa.

The Alhambra

The Alhambra is the palace in Granada, Spain. The palace has places rich in decoration. Examples include the Comares, the Palace of the Lions and the Partal Palace.


Polynesia is a region of Oceania, consisting of many islands dispersed over the central and the southern Pacific Ocean. There are three island groups that define the Polynesian triangle. These include the Hawaii islands, Rapa Nui or eastern island, and Aotearoa or New Zealand. These island cultures share similar languages, religion, legends, social organization and material culture.



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