Facilities Management - Water System

The issues surrounding the management of water systems, in particular concerning bathtubs are discussed. Bathtubs are mostly used for showers and recreation or relaxation. The choice is however, dependent on the use for which they are sought. Costs associated with acquisition, maintenance and need for repairs are also vital in decision making before any installation mechanisms or plans are launched.

In the recent past, there have been reservations concerning the whirlpools in hotel guestrooms. The reason for this has bordered on concerns over the safety and health of the facilities (Carreck, 1982). A research conducted by Texas A&M University found evidence of huge amounts of bacteria in the Jacuzzi. These bacteria can lead to serious diseases and infections of the skin, eyes, ears and even lungs. This has raised critical doubts about the use of the facility.

The traditional jetted bathtubs had fixed layouts and designs that can only be limited to the floor of the bathroom plan. Sometimes they were also heavy for the floors, implying that costs of installation and maintenance could be higher. They equally missed air tubs meaning that they lacked the massages that are offered by the modern ones. These factors meant that it could not offer desired and convincing results as required.

The main challenge with the use of the Jacuzzi entails holding of much bacteria, which pose a health risk to the users. The design should be planned in a way that makes the conditions unfavorable for bacterial infestation. This could include free connections that allow easy and open circulation of air, in addition, to being easy to clean, maintain and design. The designs should also ensure that no water is trapped within the pipes. This would promise a fresh system that would be risk free.



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