In Search of Effective Project Managers

Pureswing is an organization that offers services in the Golf club industry and seeks to recruit the services of project managers. This is an attempt to keep in touch with other service providers of the industry. Therefore, to beat market competition, Pureswing by hiring effective project managers, improves services, draws customers and thereby improves business earnings.

Project managers are recruited to oversee the execution of some works for some time concerning a particular task (Hamilton, 2004). These individuals would be responsible for contract performance, small developments management, and capital projects overseeing. They would also serve as focal point to all stakeholders, responsible for execution of the work, take stock, report to manager all the happenings, and supervise the works. Suitable candidates should posses a degree in project management, have experience in handling works in a golf course, have the ability to anticipate problems and solve them, the capability of taking on and delivering project deliverables with minimum guidance from the senior management, and have good communication and interpersonal skills.

My skills are in the field of human resource management and, therefore, not appropriate to serve as a project manager. A project manager should possess technical skills in some areas of specialization, like construction expertise (Cleland, 2006). Therefore, as a human resource manager, I am not fully qualified to take the post of a project manager. It is appropriate for individuals trained in project management to be recruited and given the task to oversee the planning and execution of such projects. This would allow an expertise utilization of the project and, therefore, realization of the envisaged results by Pureswing Golf Club.



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