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Human resource management is an extremely important aspect of any company since it provides organizations with the most significant tool – employees. Without a proper human resource team, an organization will have no opportunities to establish a successful working process due to the lack of an efficient staff. A human resource department is responsible for such significant activities within an organization as recruiting candidates for vacancies, training them, conducting performance assessments, motivating staff, establishing workplace communication, dealing with workplace safety, and so forth.

To prepare for the recruitment process, an HR department creates a list of questions for interviewees, establishes certain criteria according to which an applicant may be considered the best fit for the position. Employees do the major part of work in any organization; thus, selection of staff is an incredibly important aspect for the company´s performance and success. After the recruitment process is over and the best possible candidates are selected, the staff of the human resource department starts training them. Training the selected applicants is also a very responsible task since by the means of it an HR department makes future employees ready for working in the company (Dunn, 2010). In other words, they make employees even more suitable for the positions they have been selected for.

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HRM evaluates and defines employees´ potential on their positions and encourages them to work in accordance with it. In addition, it assesses workers´ performance and, in case it is lower than it should be, a human resource manager has a conversation with an employee in order to improve his or her performance. An important fact is that the conversation between an HR manager and an employee regarding his or her performance, especially if it is low, is hold face to face so that the worker does not feel like a loser (Dunn, 2010). Such attitude and approach helps employees to see their mistakes, weaknesses and strengths. In addition, it encourages them to improve and develop their skills and knowledge.

Maintaining proper work atmosphere is another important aspect that is under HRM responsibility. The environment in which employees have to work influences their level of performance. Thus, in order to encourage staff to work better and faster, human resource specialists of a company implement various strategies and create approaches to provide employees with friendly and healthy working atmosphere. Undoubtedly, working in pleasant and friendly atmosphere, employees concentrate on their work better since no conflicts with colleagues or bosses do not distract them (Hendry, 2011). In addition, if they are provided with comfortable working conditions, they do their work more eagerly.

However, disputes and arguments may still occur both between employees and between employees and employers. Human resource managers are responsible for disposing of all arguments that involve any members of the staff. Conflicts are inevitable in the workplace since all members of a team have different ideas, beliefs, points of view, worldview, and tastes and so on. Any conflict impacts a working process negatively. Therefore, one can state that, disposing of them, HRM does a great job that is significant for a company.

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The responsibility of setting up proper public relations greatly concerns the human resource management. Human resource managers organize various business meetings, tutorials and a variety of authorized gatherings on behalf of the organization in order to establish and improve relationships with other company segments (Hendry, 2011). Moreover, sometimes the human resource department plays an important role in preparing both marketing and business plans for the organization as well.

Both for small companies and large corporations, the HR or personnel role can be very useful for much more than only handing out payroll or managing the open employment season once a year. The HR managers play a crucial role in development of a company's strategy and dealing with the staff-centered activities of a company. Any organization, without an appropriate system for human resource management is bound to go through severe problems and challenges while facing and dealing with its regular activities. Consequently, one can see that today any company must do its best in order to set up a strong and efficient human resource management team.

Having internal HR function is essential because its staff or an expert on staff can enlarge the understanding of how significant human resources are to any company from the very beginning of its formation. Human resource management is necessary for any type of business since too many small firms hire workers who execute cross-functional duties (Mathis, & Jackson, 2011). Having smaller workforce, a company suffers great losses in case it loses at least one employee. In other words, even if only one employee leaves a company, he or she leaves it with a threat to the company's productivity.

In addition to all other issues, human resources also control disproportionate spending by the means of developing methods for extra labor force management costs. These activities include negotiations for better rates for reimbursements, such as health care coverage and so forth. In addition, HR management guarantees competitive and reasonable wage setting that is based on examining the labor market, trends in employment and earnings analysis, which takes into consideration position functions. Due to the fact that some small firms have budget limitations, this function of human resources is principally helpful.

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As one can see, human resources expand performance management structures. Without a human resource manager who will create a good plan for measuring employees´ performance, a worker can start doing work that is not suitable for his or her skills and sphere of expertise. In addition, workers whose performance does not meet the employer's expectations can keep on the payroll, by this means creating wasted capital on employees whose performance is rather low.

Taking into consideration the above conducted analysis of the human resources management´s importance in improving employees´ performance, all companies need to follow certain recommendations. One of the main recommendations for companies that long to achieve the desired results and thrive in success is to establish a perfect human resources team (Mathis, & Jackson, 2011).

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