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Inspection Summary for Mondelez International

Mondelez International Inc.is among the world’s largest and leading snacks companies. The company manufactures biscuits, cheese and grocery, beverages, chocolate, gums and candies. The importance of inspection of the company involved in food production is that it aids in prevention of outbreak of diseases. It also helps in ensuring that health safety standards in food manufacture and serving prevail.

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Personal hygiene and dress of Mondelez International Inc. employees is excellent. The employees wear neat clothes and put protective uniform courts on top of their dressing. Work conduct of Mondelez International expects all its employees to maintain personal hygiene by keeping fingernails short, no use of open shoes at work, the use of handkerchiefs or disposal issue papers when coughing or sneezing, no smoking at work and proper washing of hands when handling products or their raw materials. The employees are fully adhering to the stated standards from my assessment. However, some employees were not using hair restraints and had much jewelry. The female employees working at sales and managerial positions failed to follow this standard. The company should check on this area to prevent any contamination of final food products.

Food storage and dry storage was within recommended health standards. Food storage area was suitable and adequate. There was a separate storage for chemicals, already prepared food products, and raw materials. The storage arrangement took into consideration the food expiry dates and periods between deliveries. Food products had proper labels with their name, date of manufacture and their expiry date. Depending on the storage requirements of the product, there was a provision of recommended temperatures. All shelves met the recommended standards with the lowest shelf placed at 6 inches above the floor. There was the adequate room for cleaning the floor underneath the shelves. The structure’s floors are made of non-absorbent material that is smooth and durable.

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The company has its equipment well-arranged and placed to make cleaning easy. Large equipment is well kept and maintained. The food slicers undergo a thorough cleaning before the next use. The other equipment that includes storage shelves, ovens, fryers, serving lines’ equipment and steam equipment are in recommended arrangements and tidiness. Refrigerators and freezers have adequate capacity to store all easily perishable products and materials. The location of thermometers is in such places that they are easily visible and read, which aids the workers to keep recommended temperatures. The location of sinks is both in-house and outside. Different types of sinks to serve specific purposes are placed at recommended areas of applicability. Some of these sinks include ware-washing sinks, food preparation sinks, hand-washing sinks, janitorial sinks, glass washing and dishwashing machines.

Mondelez International lays emphasis on cleaning and sanitizing materials and equipment used. The company has achieved it by ensuring a constant supply of water, chemical sanitizers and fixing enough sinks of different types. The utensils and equipment undergo washing, rinsing and, finally, sanitizing. Sanitization is done by placing the equipment and utensils in chlorinated water or hot water of up to 170 Farads for some time, ranging from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes. The utensils are then dried using wiping clothes or towels placed in sanitizing solution after use.

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Storage and disposal of waste is one area the company has efficiently handled. The materials they use in packaging their food products are environmentally friendly. The garbage collection of cans is placed at selected points around the business. The garbage in cans is transferred to dumpster and closed. The pest management is being done through proper ventilation system. Insects are also controlled through use of insect control devices. Insect control devices are installed far away from food and utensils to prevent dead insects from falling on them.

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