Board Policy of Saginaw Valley State University

a. An administrator recommends the hiring of his cousin for a position in the district

This affects the institution’s policy number 2.4-1 Recruitment and selection procedures. The policy outlines the procedures to be following when recruiting the staff and gives the hiring supervisor the responsibility to follow the required procedures in order to conduct a fair and consistent interview of the candidates without the interference from other staffs. This policy was adopted in 1/97/ VP-ABA and revised on 7/23/98 VP-ABA.

The policy 2.6-1 Nepotism Policy also outlines that no persons shall be employed if he/she is related by marriage or blood to any member of Board of SVSU. The policy was adopted on 05/20/80 VP-ABA.

b. A teacher resigns after signing a contract

The teacher has a right to terminate the contract through resignation for the job offered. Article 32.000 Duration of Agreement of the contract outlines that either party desiring to terminate the employment agreement must give a written notice to the corresponding party by May 1st prior to the termination date. Lack of providing the notice as stipulated in the article makes the contact to continue being in force. The contract was effected until the year 2015 since it was adopted.

c. The librarian took home a laptop to use for a community meeting

The librarian uses appropriate use of the University property as it is outlined in the policy 5.2-6 Commercial use of SVSU property. It outlines that the property, including the laptop, must be utilized for their objectives of providing research, education and the appropriate community services but not for commercial services. The policy was adopted on 8/20/90 VP-ABA.

d. A teacher is rumored to have a sexual relationship with a student

This affects the ARTICLE 12.00 Discipline of the employee’s contract which can result to warning, suspension, reduction in ranks, discharges only for just a cause. These disciplinary actions must be made available to the employee and the Union in writing but not the rumors. The contract was designated and valid for year 2012 to year 2015.

e. A teacher’s dress is deemed to be unacceptable in front of students

The teacher infringed the policy 4.5-2 Public Release of information contained in University police investigation although it acknowledges the responsibility to protect the rights of the individual. In its guidelines number two, it constitutes an unwarranted invasion of personal privacy where the teacher must make clear of the intension of the dress code.

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f. Teacher layoffs are anticipated at the end of the school year

The layoffs of the teacher is well stated in the institution’s contract Article 16.000 Layoff and Recall which outlines the employees to be laid off for the indefinite period of time must have at least 14 days written notice of layoff. The employers, as defined in the contract shall notify and meet the Union prior to the implementation of any layoff. The contract was edited in 2002 and is valid until year 2015.

g. Teacher is asking to be absent the week prior to spring break

The teacher was supposed to observe and understand the institution’s policy 2.2-1 Vacation policy for administrative/professional staff holding regular positions. It outlines the procedures to follow and the outcome of being given the vacation including compensation for the leave. The policy was adopted on 8/11/80 BC and being revised on 07/20/98 VP-ABA.

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