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Racial Inequality and the Possible Changes

Race and racial issues have contributed to various inequalities thus making a significant contribution in the American history for quite a long period. Racial inequality has a diverse impact on both the economic and social influence. Where discrimination is felt, the ability for groups to carry out developments through investments will be affected. Almost all the Americans tend to think about all the founding colonies to the recent freedom of the United States with the beginning of Christian, through both the economic and political liberty.  Similarly, the American society was on a brutal foundation of the inequality, and the dominance of the oppression, which was a result of lack of freedom among the slaves. Take, for example, a place in the United States; the classification in terms of race is basically on the association with a given ancestry. The ‘black’ in America then can be considered so if there is any relationship with the African. In other words, race cannot be associated with the biological affiliations no matter what the biology it invokes within a given group of individuals. The racial inequality is, therefore, seen on the differences in which certain persons classify themselves in relation to the color, cultural believes and practices. However, in the practical cases, racial classifications can be considered as almost being linked to the types of unfair economic or social inequality, the relationship in terms of domination, exclusion and all the resulting belief.

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In Wilson J. Williams’ words, the racial differences and inequality is found to be a sidelined especially the Europeans and hence not allowed to buy home simply because of the issues of racial differences. Home buyers were redlined from getting mortgages even if they could qualify to the same. Consequently, these issues aggravated the under-development of cities and the desire for changing the urban standards, which could see an improved lifestyle of people. The issue of racial inequality has brought about the segregation among the structural boundaries of many communities with quite a number of discrimination which has lingered for a long time. With the removal of barriers, the minority groups will be able to enjoy the resources and other financial investments in the society. On instituting of changes suggested by Williams, the impact will enhance the basic foundations of ensuring the cultural activities among communities. Similarly, race can cause the issue of attenuation of matters related to poverty, institutional instability, and other matters concerning the disconnection of an improved communication among people within a given setting. Therefore, the ability to such disregard will harmonize unity among all communities.

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William Wilson’s focus on the influence of race in the political and social-economic spheres is entirely significant on restoring the economic standard of the American people. The ability to institute the measures that could take a possible responsibility in ensuring that racial segregation does not affect the cultural beliefs is a clear demonstration of value of the country’s economic value. While Williams is encouraging for the valuation of the recognition of the races, I will ensure that all the efforts to maintain the race equality are within the streamline of sustaining the cultural beliefs in a given race. This will, consequently, lead to the valuing of the social abilities of every individual and the regard of personal attributes. Where there is an enhanced harmony among all the community and ethical groups, the ability to carry out trade within the society can be highly regarded as being fruitful. All the races can make a much more contribution in enhancing trade.

From Wilson’s arguments on the racial lines, the attempt by the working and middle-level group, which try to make political imbalances along the political lines, will be made to promote all the possible policies for the interest of all people. There will be need to institute and demolish attempts to value racial differences at the expenses of ensuring commonalities in the ability to support a mutual politic for all the Americans. Multiracial cooperation along the political line could be developed if only we can convince groups to concentrate more on the interests which they could be holding in common. The process should take place even including the attempt to overcome a stagnating and diminishing of the real income which relates to transformations in the global economy, as Wilson argues. He further advocates through a cross-race and class-based coalition of both classes of working Americans to practice policies, which are intended in the eroding of strength in the nation’s equalizing institutions together with public education, all the unions, besides political structures, whose intention is to promote the importance of all the ordinary families.

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The racial changes should be instituted by making minority groups compete successfully in all developmental issues without discrimination resulting from the racial inequalities. This will make an appropriate impact on the community and the society at large. There is a need first to understand that race and racial inequality has both the negative and positive implications. Importantly, I will ensure that I have instituted change to all the young professionals in the institutions of learning, in business and other organizations to enable the young generation make the differences of upholding racism. Finally, the equality of civil rights for the black population and every race should be instituted with regard to making possible developments or any other contribution.

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