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The first paragraph of the book of Mormon heading page asserts that the revered evidence will come onward in suitable time. The timing of the coming of the book of Mormon shows its significance in the restoration of the gospel. The book of Mormon was the most correct book in the planet earth and the keystone of religion. A man would come closer to God by sticking to its precept, than by any other book.

The intention of the volume according to the title page is to bring Jew and gentile to conviction that Jesus Christ is the eternal God manifesting himself unto all nations. It is the book that brings together Israel and that disclose, in frankness and flawlessness, the principle of the assembling of the selected seed. It is the book, known of God, to demonstrate the legitimacy and spirituality of his zealous latter-day work. It includes the fullness of the eternal gospel and carries with it the proof of its own spirituality. It is the Book of Mormon that makes people consider the gospel and connect with the Church, and, as we have heretofore seen, it is the authority that causes the gathering of Israel to pass.

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The book of Mormon affirms God’s covenant with Israel in the olden days. It demonstrates that God remembers His covenant with the house of Israel, in addition to testifying of Jesus, Christ. The lords spread and troubled the twelve clans of Israel because of their unjustness and insurgence.

Nevertheless, the lord used the dispersion of his peculiar people amid the nations of the world to bless those nations. Mormon states that the lord shall gather the house of Israel in the last days before the coming of Christ. He does this when the Israelites accept him and keep his commandments. Members of the church of Christ of latter day saints are the portion of the Israelites that had been assembled to the awareness of their fathers and to the agreements of the lord. The book of Mormon is the most influential book as far as the gathering of the Israelites is concerned. It is the book that groups Israel and that discloses, in frankness and flawlessness, the principle of the assembling of the special seed.

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The book of Mormon is the keystone of religion in that it is the central and, therefore, holds us from crumbling. It is the keystone of religion in three ways; in witness of Christ, in our doctrine and our testimony. The book of Mormon contains the writings about the promises of the father. The promises states that if we ask God in the name of Christ and if true and ask with a sincere heart having faith in Christ, he shall surely manifest the truth by the power of the Holy. The gold saucers themselves had a pledge that they would be understood “by the reward and authority of God and the Holy Ghost.

The book evidently demonstrates the fact that when men and states walk in respect of God, and in submission to his commandments, they prosper and grow but when they disregard the word of God there comes a decay that unless rescued by righteousness, leads to death. There are witnesses to the book of Mormon, and this was explained by Elder Bruce who stated that the lord will always provide witnesses for the divinity of his work. God himself ordained the law of witnessed and, thus, recognized an allowance by enlightening his gospel and by bestowing priesthood and key upon men. In establishing a new dispensation of truth, no man has stood alone.

The witness of the book of Mormon plates lists the three witnesses and the eight witnesses. It also displays the witnesses’ dates of birth, the year when each was shown the plates, occupations, baptisms information dates of their demise and areas of their deaths. Mormon speaks about one of the most significant gifts given to mankind in current times. The gift it talks about is of greater worth to mankind than the development of air travel. The gift is the book of Mormon which was prepared by the lord above a time exceeding a thousand years.

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It states that the book was hidden to preserve it for the modern generation. The importance of the book is testified by God saying that, by his own mouth, he has borne witness that it is true that it contains the truth of his word that it was translated by the power from on high, that it contains the fullness of Jesus Christ, that it was given by inspiration and confirmed by the ministering of angels. It continues to state that the gift gives evidence that the holy scriptures are true and that those who accept it in trust shall obtain everlasting life.

The lord placed his forth coming in the timetable of the unfolding restoration. The only thing that preceded it was the first vision. Through that vision, john smith learned the true nature of God. That first vision was followed by the coming forth of the book of Mormon, which preceded the restoration of the priesthood.

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